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Fotor Background Remover-Amazing AI Feature

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Many technological tools have improved in convenience with the growth of the Internet in recent years, and some AI technologies have also emerged. Have you ever imagined that you may now effortlessly edit professional images in a few clicks using some incredible AI technology online? It may sound unbelievable, but we can remove any background with a complicated background image in under a minute with the aid of AI technology. 

A very helpful photo editing tool and its well-known AI features will be recommended today. If you’re still troubled or obsessed with deleting the background of your images and wish to do so, try Fotor Background remover.

What is Fotor

Fotor is a free picture editor that can be used on PCs, mobile phones and online. You may design, edit, and stitch photographs with the help of its 300 photo editing features and tens of thousands of social, corporate, and other image design templates. It is renowned for having strong, integrated editing features. The topic of discussion today is backdrop removal, one of Fotor’s well-known AI features.

Fotor Background Remover

If you’ve attempted Photoshop or another editing program to remove the background from a photo, you may have complained that the process is tedious and time-consuming due to the careful hand selection and other processes that must be performed. However, one can quickly and conveniently remove backgrounds by utilizing Fotor.

This is due to Fotor Background Remover’s web accessibility and no need for program download. Additionally, it has the ability to instantly identify the area of the image that needs to be cropped and can fast remove any background other than the subject in a matter of seconds. The AI algorithm will improve with more recognition of images and be able to remove image edges with greater precision.

Usage of Fotor Background Remover

You only need to click to open the page for the background removal feature for pictures, then left-click on the upload photo button to add the image you want to remove the backdrop from to your computer. You’ll observe that the background will be automatically removed by the system.

You can click the “Retain/Rrase” brush and use the brush to paint the section you wish to keep or erase if you are not happy with the background or the effect. If you are happy with the removal outcome, you may change the background of the picture by clicking the “Change Background” button in the top right corner.

Finally, to save the image in JPG or PNG format, click “Download” button below the picture results.

Remove the Background From Any Image

We may now discuss the background remover’s varied usage scenarios as we are aware of its fundamentals and operational procedures.

It can first help you create your own personal electronic signature by removing the background from the signature and then pasting the signature as a sticker anywhere you need to sign. Second, by erasing the backdrop from your avatar, it can create a white, red, or blue ID photo or social network avatar. Plus, to design a business poster with pure color, you can use it to remove the background from any images.


Downloading regular quality photos is completely free, but if you need high-definition images, you can opt for the Fotor pro feature, which uses Fotor’s 300 editing features and 100,000 preset templates, among other services. It’s just $7.19 a month, or $31.99 a year.

Sum up

Fotor’s AI background remover is accessible online, quickly, and conveniently. It combines the methods of manually adjusting the details and removing the backdrop. It is ideal for any intricate backdrop image and is worthwhile using.