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Free Spins: Advantages and Disadvantages

Free spins are ‘a free of charge opportunity’ given to casino players by online casinos. The latest free spins bonuses are the most popular, being available online to new and regular players. According to European Gaming, free spins keep players both new and existing Hooked to the casino as a way of increasing their winning opportunities and enhancing their gambling experiences. Thus, you will find the best free spin offers attached to all players and for use on any slots games online. Also, players do not have to pay or deposit. Thus, no risk to your money!

Here is a more in-depth analysis of casino-free spins’ advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages of free spins:

  • Actual money gameplay but cost less to the player
  • Try out the newest casinos online
  • Win real cash
  • Play the newest slots games


  • Minimum bet levels
  • Strict wagering requirements

Let’s consider them in more detail. 

Actual Money Gameplay and Its Cost 

Every gambling activity in an online casino has a cash-related commitment. For instance, a single spin on the slot reels requires a wager of not less than $1, depending on the game provider and game popularity. As such, a low deposit casino will ask for a minimum deposit of at least $10 before a player can stake any amount on any game. But, with free spins, players do not get to meet the minimum deposit requirements, especially if it’s a no deposit offer. What you need is to sign-up, complete the process and take charge of the free spins on offer.

In some cases, free spins accompany other deposit bonuses such as a match offer. Even though these come with a deposit condition, the deposit aims at activating the cash bonus offer. But, the free spins remain free. It is essential for free spins players to distinguish between Free Spins and Free Play games. The latter refers to Demo games issued for beginners and other learners. These offer free gameplay. However, Free Spins are for use in real money games and can result in money wins without any cash commitment!

Try Out the Newest Casinos Online

Free Spins for new casinos are excellent opportunities for players to explore new websites. As of 2020, estimated the number of casinos present in the world to be 9000 plus, with new additions which will come into the industry in 2021. The number as of now is maybe over 10,000. With new sites emerging, it may be difficult for players to play them. Plus, casinos are now specialized and offer great games. When searching for the right casino online, you can go with Slots Casinos, Live Casinos, or Live Sports Casinos, and many more!

For Specific Games

Free Spins offer a chance to try every slot casino present online. The only challenge is that free spins are provided for a specific game or group. The terms of the free spins allow players only to access specific game titles. Players should read the terms and pick free spins that apply to a group of games if aiming for fantastic gaming time in a new casino!

For Real Money Games

Free Spins are offered for use as real money games. As a result, players should expect possible real money wins. Players do not activate free spins with real money, especially if there are no deposit offers. However, each spin given to players applies to a real money game. Therefore, players may end up earning more in wins using free spins!

Play the Newest Slot Games

Game providers support their newest slot game titles with free spins. Any player willing to play the game receives free spin offers. For instance, NetEnt Starburst often has several spins attached to the game. Players must first play Starburst before receiving the extra spins. Also, the spins are only for use when spinning starburst reels. However, some providers aim to issue versatile spins for several game titles either from the same provider or similar casino networks! New slots also present a great chance to win real money as these are actual cash games titles!

Disadvantages of Free Spins

Even though free spins offer great money-making opportunities, these extra offers also have excellent conditions to meet. However, most players tend to ignore the bonus Fine Prints and revel in the bold offers as indicated. The fine prints often highlight the bothersome nature of the free spin offers. Even though you can make money using free spins, the attached terms can often be unfair or unproductive for the player!

Free spins are in no way profitable to the casino. The basic saying that the ‘house always wins’ applies in this case with the best levels. For instance, free spin players should be ready for the lowest wager amounts per stake. Using cash funds to play Starburst, the minimum bet level may be around $1 or $5 per spin. However, the stake limit drops to $0.01 for a single gaming session on the same game when using free spins. The casino aims at reducing the risk attached to offering free spins! Players should check the value of each spin on the offer before accepting the free spins.

Wagering requirements is an important term for bonus offers online. The term refers to the number of times a player has to wager their bonus winnings or cash issued before making a withdrawal. When it comes to free spins, it is the number of times you wager the bonus winnings! For instance, if issued with five free spins, and each earns you $5, you will have bonus winnings of $25. You cannot cash in the $25 and withdraw to your bank account as a player. Most casinos will have playthrough terms of 20 times or 40 times. If given any of the two, you have to wager at least 20 by $25, which is $500, in the casino before you can withdraw. For the 40x requirement, you will have to wager 40 by $25, which is $1,000 before you can cash out your winnings.

Apart from these, players also get a cash-out limit for any bonus funds. Most casinos will indicate a limit of $100 maximum withdrawable amount from any free spins! It means that players can only withdraw $100 from any amount won using free spins and after meeting the wagering terms. Any amount above $100 becomes void!

Advantages Overshadow the Disadvantages

The advantages of free spins outweigh the disadvantages by far. Players must pay attention to the wagering requirement and ensure these are minimal. The minimum bet levels add to your game time and provide better chances to understand the slots game on offer. Also, the bet limit does not restrict the potential wins that could arise from a single spin. But, players must pay attention to the limiting factors and exploit all other opportunities from the financial point of view to end up with a win.


The advantages cut across the various types of free spins available in the market. According to European Gaming, free spin types include no deposit spins, no wager free spins, and the deposit bonus plus free spins. The advantages and disadvantages show the benefits of partaking in free spins. However, the advantages outmatch the negatives, and thus, free spins become a lucrative casino offer for players in online casinos!