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FUT Coins – Basic Information

The aim of playing Ultimate Team mode is to build a team strong enough to compete with other players’ teams. This cannot be achieved without players at the right level. These players can be acquired with the necessary capital – FUT Coins. There are several ways to increase the contents of your virtual account. One of them is to buy Coins on the Internet for real money.

For those who are still undecided, we have prepared some useful information that may help you decide to start playing in FUT mode.

FIFA Coins – what are they?

FIFA Coins are a virtual currency used to make transactions on the transfer market. Coins make it possible to purchase packs and cards of individual players and allow you to enter other modes, such as the FUT Draft, which offers plenty of benefits. The more FUTCoins a player accumulates, the better his chances of creating a powerful team.

Is it safe to buy FUT Coins online?

The security issues of topping up your account with purchased FUTCoins can be considered in two areas:

  • The security of the player against the risk of the account being hacked.
  • The risk of the top-up being detected by EA Sports.

In the first case, the argument of the opponents of trading Coins is the necessity to provide account data in order to make the transfer. However, it must be clarified that this is information including: WebApp/Origin email; WebApp/Origin password and 6 Back Up Origin Codes.

FIFA Coin sellers should never request an email password. To do so would be an attempt to steal sensitive data. Without access to this password, the seller can transfer the ordered FIFA Coins to your account without hindrance, but will not be able to perform any actions on it (e.g. change passwords).

Regarding the issue of the risk of an external transfer being detected by EA, the risks are currently negligible. If the game developers register a suspicious transaction, they can zero out the player’s account or impose a transfer market block. However, this only happens in exceptional cases. The best FIFA Coin sellers boast an undetected transaction rate of 99.9%. This is possible because top-up procedures are constantly being improved. Thus, for example, if a player was banned last year, the transfer method is modified so that the situation is not repeated this year.

It is also interesting to note that EA Sports is constantly improving the detection rate, but retailers with several hundred transactions a day are able to quickly spot changes and react in such a way as to stay one step ahead of the game developers.

It can therefore be said with a clear conscience that it is safe to buy FUT Coins online.

FIFA Coin – supported platforms

Purchased Coins work on all platforms that support the FIFA game. Coins can therefore be purchased in versions for:

  • PC,
  • PS5, PS4, XSX, XSS, XONE, Stadia.