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Future Of Casino

Casinos are one of the most futuristic and awe-inspiring places in the world, especially when you find yourself in locations such as Las Vegas, Macau or Dubai. Online can be just as entertaining too, at sites such as However, the bright, loud and full to the brim with excitement, a casino stands to symbolize modern human life at its most outrageously grand. Gambling has been an integral part of the collective cultural consciousness for thousands of years now, and the rate of progress among its many derivatives is staggering.

Real World
Compared to the online world, you could be forgiven in thinking that real physical casinos are approaching the end of their epoch of consistent development. Apart from advancements in land based slot machines there doesn’t seem much else that can be radically evolved. Many argue that a table game is a table game – there is not much else you can do to it.

But, that is where they are wrong. Whilst the mechanics at the heart of these games will most likely remain the same, the mechanics surrounding them are liable to change dramatically. For instance, with the development of AI we could see robot dealers dominate casino floors in little over a decade. Moreover, advancements in holographic technology could mean that players from different corners of the world could all sit at the same poker table via holograms.

If you thought it was difficult to track the future of physical casinos just wait until all the possibilities attached to online casino are realized. They are quite literally endless, computer programming has got to the point where pretty much anything is possible, hence the endless array of titles with pristine graphics, outrageous themes and seemingly infinite bonus features like the ones at 3D graphics have been the major breakthrough in recent years, but with the rate of technological advancement so high they will be quickly left behind as new innovations are made.

The typical online casino buzzword in the contemporary age is VR, or Virtual Reality. In regard to video slot titles VR could be utilized to make them feel even more like properly full-fledged computer games. Imagine playing a title like “The Godfather” in virtual reality, it’s exhilarating enough as it is, but being right in the middle of the action itself would dramatically increase the fun. VR could also quite conceivably be used to build whole online casinos that can be navigated much like a real world one. Put the headset on and step into any casino you want too, from the comfort of your own home. Mental.