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FX Picks Up New Limited Series ‘Devs”‘ and a Reboot of ‘Shōgun’

Both to Debut in 2019

FX has ordered two limited series: “Devs” from award-winning writer/director Alex Garland and a new version of “Shōgun,” based on the best-selling novel by James Clavell

In “Devs,” a young computer engineer, Lily Chan (Sonoya Muzuno), investigates the secretive development division of her employer, a cutting-edge tech company based in San Francisco, who she believes are behind the murder of her boyfriend. Nick Offerman (“Parks and Recreation”) will play “Forest.” Forest is the CEO of Amaya, whose obsession is the covert work of the company’s development division. And Jin Ha (“Jesus Christ Superstar Live”) portrays “Jamie,” a  gifted  cyber security specialist, who is Lily’s former boyfriend.

Eight episodes of “Devs” has been ordered.

In its largest international scale production to date, FX has ordered “Shōgun,” a 10-episode limited series period drama. “The story of Shōgun has captivated audiences since James Clavell first released his epic novel more than 40 years ago,” said FX President John Landgraf. “The themes of an outsider encountering a new culture are as relevant today as then. We are honored to bring the series to today’s viewers through our partnership with executive producers Andrew Macdonald, Allon Reich, Michael De Luca, Clavell’s daughter Michaela, and Eugene Kelly. We are equally thrilled that Ronan Bennett and Rachel Bennette are writing the new adaption, and that Tim Van Patten will bring his vision and expertise to directing this saga of adventure, power and loyalty that the world has come to know as ‘Shōgun.’”
The logline: “Shōgun,” set in feudal Japan, charts the collision of two ambitious men from different worlds and a mysterious female samurai: John Blackthorne, a risk-taking English sailor who ends up shipwrecked in Japan, a land whose unfamiliar culture will ultimately redefine him; Lord Toranaga, a shrewd, powerful daimyo, at odds with his own dangerous, political rivals; and Lady Mariko, a woman with invaluable skills but dishonorable family ties, who must prove her value and allegiance.
Shōgun, the novel, was published in 1975 and became a major best-seller with more than 30 million copies sold worldwide.