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Gambling Activities That Are Considered To Be ‘A Waste Of Money And Time’

The premise surrounding casino games is a winning opportunity. Without this option, many people would not even bother. Of course, casino games have a broad range of benefits, including winning opportunities. These benefits, combined together are why players keep returning to the many online casinos. Now, you know the driving forces behind casino games, it is time to find out more about the gambling activities that are considered “a waste of money and time” by many players. A list is provided in the content provided below.

Lottery Games

There is no doubt, thousands of players try their luck at lottery games. Unfortunately, the outcome is rarely in the favor of the player. But, this does not prevent consumers from investing time and money into these gambling activities. What makes lottery games so bad is the jackpot. While the jackpot does not sound bad, it is because the winner(s) only take home about 61 percent of the actual jackpot. The 61 percent is the percentage set aside by the lottery officials to fund the jackpot.

For example, the lump sum totals up to $2 million. Minus 61 percent from the $2 million, the winner ends up with $1.2 million. This does appear to be a lot of money. But, when you consider the large number of lottery tickets sold to the public, it just does not seem fair for the player to only receive 61 percent of the jackpot.

Bingo Games

Bingo has decent benefits, including entertaining, affordable, and a winning opportunity. These and great and all, but what about the percentage paid out to winners? Most establishments set aside about 90 percent for the winner. This sounds pretty good, but when you consider that most establishments rarely report more than a few thousand dollars. 

For example, the player receives $900 of the $1,000-jackpot. Not too bad right? When you consider how long it takes to play a game of bingo, it is easy to see why only a few winners are produced from a night of playing bingo. You would be better off playing a game of PG Slot online.

When you play bingo, you are virtually not playing to win. In fact, most players prefer bingo to other casino games because of its entertainment value. 

Keno Games

Keno is not on the same level as lottery and bingo games. But, it is right up there as a  waste of time and money. The player’s return averages 75 percent of the total jackpot. Yes, this is slightly better than that of the lottery. However, it is still lacking as far as the return to the player compared to other gambling activities. 

The biggest upside to keno games is they are extremely affordable to play. In fact, rarely will you find a keno ticket more than $1. Like other affordable gambling activities, you can expect the percentage paid out to players to be lower than other gambling games.

Some keno players are reported winning a $100,000-jackpot but this is rarely the case. If you are looking to win big, avoid keno altogether.