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General Rules Of How To Take An Online Exam

Oh yes, with this new way of taking exams, the rules that you will have to follow for what the “university law” says are also new. These are rules that allow professors to make sure you are not being sly.

Before you know them, I warn you to be careful not to want to understand how to get around them. Just because you feel you can be smarter than the system doesn’t mean you have to be dishonest. If things go wrong, it could become a major problem for you. Plus, trust me, the professors weren’t born yesterday.

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You Can’t Use Your Cellphone

It may seem obvious to you, but it is still better to say it: the cell phone is banned. The best thing is to keep it off, so you don’t think about it at all and concentrate on the exam, but if you really can’t, at least keep it somewhere else, not on your desk. This is because the professor if he sees that you are using your cell phone, could invalidate the exam (and you are there to give it, not to have it canceled, right?).

There Must Be Only You In The Room

No one else is present, the teacher wants to be sure that what you say is your own thing. Be aware that he may ask you to pan around the room before the exam, just to make sure no one is there, so before going online, tidy up your desk and the room around you.

So far everything is fine: no one in the room and cell phone off is standard, predictable things, but with the next point we see that the rules are starting to change a bit.

You Must Look At The Webcam For The Entire Exam

Looking at the webcam may seem difficult, but only because you are not used to it. It doesn’t often happen that you have to stare at the camera unless you work on television or are a YouTuber. 

No Hats

The reason is very simple: you could hide some earphones or similar products in it to receive suggestions from your friends. To avoid this problem, the universities have seen fit not to make you wear a hat. Luckily, they don’t say anything about long hair, the hairdressers would have been happy, us much less.

Well, now that we have seen the general rules (and maybe you already knew some), let’s go a little more in detail, looking at the case of the oral and written exams.

The Oral Exam

How to take an online oral exam? Don’t worry, it’s basically the same as in presence. One of the few things that can change is that you may need to look at the webcam, but I’ll tell you right away that this doesn’t apply to all universities, so make sure yours requires it.

Another aspect to keep in mind is that it will not be only you at the exam, you will probably use a platform where there will be many other people, and being many there is the risk that someone may activate the microphone while you are speaking (it has already happened several times). But don’t worry, the professor will change the microphones of others, you simply have to take care to answer the questions well.

Let’s Now Pass To The Written Exam

In this case, the professor will most likely ask you to do screen sharing, so he will look at exactly what you have on the monitor and make sure you are not doing brutal copy and paste from Wikipedia.

Another thing you may need to do is download certain applications to take the written exam. Don’t worry, it is nothing transcendental, maybe it will be some extension of Google Chrome or some particular application indicated by the university. The advice I give you is to download them in advance, not on the same day because you could have problems and risk not being able to take the exam.