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Geoff Erwin to Host and Perform in Second ‘Worthy Cause Concert’ for ‘The Code Green Campaign’

$10,000 in Donations Raised Prior to Concert Improve the Mental Wellness of First Responders

Three months later, and our current battle with COVID-19 would be surely lost without the first responders; the men and the women — our heroes — on the front lines working tirelessly to ensure our health and safety in this time of crisis. Dedicated to these fearless individuals — the EMT’s, the paramedics, the firefighters and the police officers, among others — is singer and songwriter Geoff Erwin, who is hosting and performing in the second “Worthy Cause Concert” benefiting the “The Code Green Campaign” on Saturday, June 20 at 5 p.m. PT/8 p.m. ET.

Donations prior to the concert already total $10,000.

Code Green works with organizations and individuals to improve the mental wellness of the first responders, providing access to therapy, and breaking the stigma that heroes don’t need help. It offers education about the signs and symptoms of the mental health issues that first responders experience, while reducing financial barriers for the appropriate care. And it educates first responders on self care and peer care, advocating systemic change in how mental health issues are addressed by first responder agencies.

Originally from Omaha, Nebraska, Geoff Erwin is known for his folksy musical pop style, which features some rock and country overtones. Erwin writes his lyrics from the heart, with thought-provoking messages designed to inspire and necessitate action.

“We chose the Code Green campaign before George Floyd lost his life and protests and riots ensued,” said Geoff Erwin. “Now that all of that has happened, there is no question in my mind that this is the right cause for this moment. I’ve interviewed one of their founders and a paramedic who was profoundly positively impacted by their work. What I’ve learned is that they use storytelling and mindfulness practices to help first responders to process the trauma that they experience on a daily basis.”

“It’s clear to me that we are a country in need of transformation,” he added. “Code Green is one organization that is working to create the proper conditions for transformation to occur, by promoting mindfulness, compassion, and self-care.”

In the time of COVID-19, Geoff released his debut album, “What’s Right,” and has created this “Worthy Cause Concert Series.” The first event benefited the First Responders Children’s Foundation.

“I’m performing the title track of my new album, as well as “Miracle”, “The Road”, and “Change in the Weather” at the new concert,” noted Erwin.

That album is available on iTunes at

“I’ll also be playing several songs from my next album, including “Rearrange”, “Fallen to Pieces”, “True Love,” and a new song that I wrote since the last concert on May 9th,” he said. “And I will also be debuting “This Is All There Is,” which is a song inspired by the recent riots, protests, and lives lost. I wanted to encapsulate the sense of loss I feel as a result of how we, as a nation, have failed to live up to the promise of equality for all people. The lyrics point to what it’s like to lose oneself completely, and realize that ‘this is all there is.'”

The majority of Erwin’s music is dedicated to the idea that we can recognize all of the suffering we endure, and we can create a path forward that is powerful, authentic, and loving.

“Each of my songs represent a time of reflection in my life where I needed a boost to rise above,” said Erwin. “My mother once told me I should call my record ‘Notes to Self.’ That makes a lot of sense considering that music, for me, is a way to process the tragedy of life and create something new that inspires me. I suppose that is the gift that I am trying to give in my songs; a sense of catharsis and recreation that one can only discover for oneself.

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