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Get More than You Bargained for with Affordable Acqualina Estates

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Buying a luxurious home is a dream for many of us, but often, it seems out of our budget. Well, not anymore. The Acqualina Estates offer a luxurious lifestyle at an affordable price. These estates offer the perfect blend of opulence and budget-friendliness. With breathtaking views of the ocean and top-of-the-line amenities, estates at acqualina are truly a rare find.

Location: One of the primary reasons for the increased demand for Acqualina Estates is their excellent location. Located in the heart of Sunny Isles Beach, these properties offer pristine beaches and some of the best restaurants and shopping in the area. The area is perfect for those seeking a relaxed yet high-end lifestyle.

Views and Amenities: When you think of luxury, pristine views of the ocean often come to mind. Acqualina Estates don’t disappoint in this regard. These estates offer spectacular views of the ocean, and you can enjoy the sight from your own balcony. The properties are designed with the utmost care to ensure that you have the best view possible.

Apart from the breathtaking views, Acqualina Estates are equipped with top-of-the-line amenities. Pools, gyms, and spas are just some of the luxuries that these estates offer. In addition, you can enjoy other luxuries, such as a dog park, children’s room, and a recreation deck. The properties truly offer everything you could need to live a luxurious lifestyle.

Affordability: One of the most significant advantages of Acqualina Estates is their affordability. While luxurious living often comes at a high price, these estates provide the perfect package, combining luxury with affordability. With prices ranging from $800,000 to $5 million, Acqualina Estates are an excellent option for those searching for a luxurious lifestyle without breaking the bank.

Investment Opportunities: If you’re looking to invest in real estate, Acqualina Estates offer incredible investment opportunities. The estates have appreciated significantly over the past few years, and experts predict that this trend will continue. With the current demand for these properties, investing in one of these estates is an excellent opportunity to secure your financial future.

Miami is known as the city of luxurious living. Think of Palm Island, Fisher Island, or Miami beach and the high-end condos and villas that line the coastline are sure to come to mind. With such beautiful sea views and sandy white beaches, there is no doubt that Miami is one of the best places to settle down for a modern, serene beach life experience. However, the cost of good living is high especially when it comes to prime locations like the South Beach. But don’t worry, there is still hope for prospective homeowners, and that hope is the Acqualina Estates.

Acqualina Estates is located in Sunny Isles, a city that is home to some of the most spectacular beaches in Miami. With Acqualina Estates, you can experience the sought-after lifestyle of South Beach without having to burn your pocket. Prices start from $1.8 million, which is relatively cheaper compared to other premier estates in the same location. This and much more awaits you in Acqualina Estates.

With its luxurious feel and design, Acqualina Estates provides you with high-end amenities that you would expect from a Miami luxury condominium. It offers 50 residential floors, each carefully designed with spacious units, furnished with top-quality finishes. The estate features a waterfall terrace designed with an infinity-edge pool, Jacuzzi tubs, and cabanas. You can relax on the Waterfront Terrace and enjoy both the cool breeze and the calming water views.

Besides the waterfront terrace, you can also explore the private beach club, which is just a few yards away. The beach club comes with beach butlers, which means you will have the luxury of being catered for with snacks, refreshments, and any other amenities you may need while sunbathing on the pristine white sands of the beach.

In addition to these, there is also the fitness center. This facility is equipped with high-end gym equipment and offers yoga and Pilates classes designed to keep you healthy and in good shape. You can also relax after a work-out with the various spa and wellness programs that are available exclusively for Acqualina Estates residents.

The estates come with luxurious penthouses designed for the discerning buyer who’s looking for even more space and luxury. The Estate’s penthouses come with their own private terraces, infinity pools, top-of-the-line kitchen, a private elevator, and magnificent views of the Sunny Isles skylines.


In conclusion, Acqualina Estates offer the perfect blend of luxury and affordability. With spectacular views of the ocean, top-of-the-line amenities, and excellent location, the estates are truly breathtaking. The affordability of the properties has made them a hit with both homeowners and investors. If you’re looking for a luxurious lifestyle at an affordable price, the Acqualina Estates are the perfect option. So why settle for less when you can have it all with Acqualina Estates?

Owning a property in Acqualina Estates is not just an investment; it is a lifestyle. You get to enjoy world-class amenities with a serene coastal view. Living at Acqualina Estates offers you affordability, easy access to the beach, and a relaxed atmosphere that you can enjoy any time of the year. So, if you have been looking for a tranquil, yet affordable place to call home in Miami, Acqualina Estates is where you should set your sights on.