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Get the Best Video Collage Edits in These Easy 4 Steps

Why is video collage so much on-trend nowadays? Aside from social media like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc., video collage is also popular in marketing. Making a short video, especially in marketing, is important. Many people prefer videos less than 60 seconds which is difficult to make.

Simple images for advertising could look ordinary and won’t attract many audiences. What if we transfer images into a video compilation? Video collage will not only give the content a new impression but also will captivate the viewers. Try these steps below to get an engaging video collage in no time.

1. Select a canvas size

Choosing a size that would match the video collage is the most important part. Some may take it lightly, but it could make the collage look messy. The default size for any video collage is 1:1, but it has different varieties like 9:16, 4:5, and many more. It gives numerous canvas size variations according to social media platforms. Various tools are there to adjust the canvas size. One can easily take options and try out to fit the canvas size into their video collage.

There are many tools available for beginners and some tutorials to get better guidance. Importing the photos or videos is easily accessible and supports high-quality videos. Anyone can make their layout which suits their content. Even if the layout looks disorganized after the completion of the video, it can be easily modified. The numerous transitions help in matching the theme for making it more noticeable for the users. The first step should be precise to make the next steps polish.

2. Attach videos and images to the collage

Creating a collage that would fascinate the world seems to be difficult, isn’t it? But the trend of adding only images to a collage is over. Nowadays, many people try to add videos to their collages and make it look more striking. Still, love images and don’t want to add videos to the compilation? Cheer up because anyone can easily transform the image to video with great effects using video editing software available over the Internet. Video collages are getting popular day by day for advertising, social media, etc.

It also aids GIFs, images, and videos above 500 MB. Anyone can mute or play sound effects according to their preferences. Add a captivating background track that will intensify the video. Utilizing tools like cropping, motion tracking, audio tracks, etc. looks as easy as pie. Saving the video is also easy, but it might take extra time to save a high-quality video.

3. Enhance the collage with designs and templates

Want the video collage to look more impressive so that it can attract more viewers? Then the most important factor is designing the videos. To impress the audience with attractive videos, you must know the step of making a compelling video. Designing the videos not only attracts the audiences but also improves the content within the video. You will find many tools available for designing, like changing the background color, adding frame, text, graphics, and a huge variety of fonts and transitions.

Templates are a must if the video is for advertising or marketing as it provides different captions or titles for the content. It is also very helpful while uploading on Instagram or Facebook or Youtube stories. Not having spaces for images? Transform the image to a video maker online to give it an eye-catching look. You will get plenty of templates to use any social media that one can swiftly edit as per the needs. The function of most of the websites are easygoing and could be convenient for beginners to use it.

4. Create and share

Everything is on point, and now it’s time to save and share the collage on social media. Create a tab, then check all the designs, videos effects, images, and the soundtrack once again, and save it. While saving, assure that one is connected to the Internet and has good network speed. Make sure to give the video collage decent captions and share it on diverse social media platforms. Anyone can easily reuse their styles or design and replace their old content with a unique video collage content.

Sharing never goes out of trend when it comes to the digital world. Social media is a platform where people connect to each other, and that’s the best place where you can promote your business in no time. So make sure that the content one shared on social media should be different and not similar. Viewers want to find unique content when they search for a certain topic. That is exactly what makes the advertisers or marketers successful as they ensure to provide various options for a specific topic.


Follow all these steps to create a fascinating video collage according to the selection. Nowadays, videos are a part of life, even in marketing and advertising. Graphics are the most important on social media. Even on the books, people like to read if it has pictures on it and the same goes for a video collage. 

Adding images into a collage has been a little boring. Video collage helps to collect all the images into a video and modify it with various soundtracks and transition effects. Give the usual images a whole new dimension by using video collage and dominate social media.