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Get To Know the Potential Pros and Cons of the P2E Games Model

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Play-to-earn or P2E games are blockchain-supported games that reward players with NFTs or crypto cash. Video games were fun and a pastime without any connection with real life. All achievements from a specific video game resided in it. 

Whatever items earned or collected like skins, or weapons stayed inside, and eventually, the game’s developer owned it. If the game’s developer decided to strip specific features then you lose access to the collected items. The P2E gaming model has changed this situation. 

In the P2E model, every digital asset collected within a game belongs to the player. For example, when you play P2e games on the Joystick Games platform, the joystick coin you earn can be is yours outside the ecosystem. You can do whatever you desire with them like sell for native currency in different marketplaces.

The Pay-to-earn games are based on blockchain technology, which is still in its infancy. The influence of this gaming model on the world, especially children is still to be researched. Let’s look at some of its potential pros and cons. 


Chance to earn real cash

The P2E model can cause a revolution in the gaming sector. Traditionally, people played games to enjoy and relax. Generally, multiplayer games were introduced that encouraged social elements. 

People played with one another sharing the same goal. In multiplayer games, in-game economies were introduced. Players could sell and buy items. Nevertheless, in-game items were not connected to real cash, but the game developers gained profit from it.

The P2E model is focused on offering the players an incentive. Players are the ones that spend plenty of time in a virtual landscape without concerns about losing their earnings in the game. The in-game rewards can be traded for fiat or cryptocurrencies.

Help develop the gaming community

In P2E games, the players work together and tackle missions and quests. The rewards are split among them. It helps to foster a gaming community with a vision of working together to reach a common goal.

Help in blockchain technology promotion

Blockchain technology is in its early stages. Adoption of it in the gaming industry can trigger a chain reaction influencing other sectors to try it. 

Beneficial to players & developers

P2E games not just help developers earn selling in-game assets but even players earn fiat cash. It is a win-win scenario for both players and developers.


Every technology brings in good and bad. Some cons attached to the P2E gaming model include –

  • Developers concentrate more on games incentives than on making it more fun. An item is made hard to unlock, which is a frustrating experience for players. It eliminates the fun element, which defeats the playing game’s purpose… have fun!
  • Entry purchases in some P2E games are high, which is a deterrent aspect for new players.
  • The majority of P2E games need players to play long before significant cash returns are visible. It can take weeks or months to recover upfront investment for game accessibility. The developer controls the amount players can earn within a specific period. They get a chance to earn but few players are aware of the potential losses they can experience. 
  • NFTs and Crypto tokens are highly volatile, so is a risky asset for players.

Never invest in more than you can afford to lose in P2E crypto games!