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Getting Rolling Right: A Comprehensive Guide to Using a RAW Rolling Machine

Rolling your own cigarettes or joints is an art form that many enthusiasts take pride in. The precision, the tactile satisfaction, and the satisfaction of crafting your smoke from scratch all contribute to the experience. However, for those who seek an efficient and consistent way to roll, the RAW Rolling Machine steps in as a game-changer. In this guide, we delve into the world of the RAW Rolling Machine, offering a comprehensive walkthrough on how to use it effectively while maintaining the essence of hand-rolled quality.

Understanding the RAW Rolling Machine

The RAW Rolling Machine is a mechanical device designed to simplify the process of rolling cigarettes or joints. It’s especially beneficial for those who may be new to rolling or for experienced rollers who desire a more efficient method. The machine consists of two main components: a rolling platform and a lever mechanism, both of which work in tandem to create a perfectly rolled smoke.

Preparation: Setting the Stage

Before diving into the rolling process, ensure you have all the necessary components ready. This includes your choice of RAW rolling papers, filters, and the smoking material of your preference. Having these elements organized and at hand will streamline the process.


Step-by-Step Rolling:


  1. Positioning the Paper: Open the RAW Rolling Machine and place a RAW rolling paper evenly onto the rolling platform, adhesive side facing you. Make sure the paper is aligned along the crease of the machine.


  1. Adding the Smoking Material: Distribute the smoking material evenly along the length of the rolling paper. Be mindful not to overpack, as this can hinder the rolling process.


  1. Inserting the Filter: If you’re using a filter, gently insert it at one end of the paper, leaving a small portion sticking out. This will ensure a firm grip while rolling.


  1. Rolling Action: Close the RAW Rolling Machine and use your fingers to press the lever down gently. As you press down, the rolling platform will guide the paper and smoking material into a cylindrical shape. Continue applying pressure until the lever is fully depressed.


  1. Finishing Touch: With the paper now neatly rolled around the smoking material, release the lever and carefully open the machine. You’ll find a perfectly formed cigarette or joint ready for the final touches.


  1. Sealing the Deal: Gently lick the adhesive strip on the rolling paper and use the RAW Rolling Machine’s lever to seal the roll.


Perfecting the Technique


While the RAW Rolling Machine streamlines the rolling process, practice makes perfect. Experiment with the amount of smoking material, the tightness of the roll, and the positioning of the filter to find the balance that suits your preferences.


Quality and Efficiency Combined:

The beauty of the RAW Rolling Machine lies in its ability to deliver consistent, quality rolls efficiently. It marries the convenience of a machine with the essence of hand-rolling, ensuring that each smoke maintains the integrity and flavor of a carefully crafted joint.




In conclusion, the RAW Rolling Machine bridges the gap between precision and tradition, offering a tool that simplifies the rolling process without compromising the essence of the smoking experience. Whether you’re a newcomer to rolling or a seasoned enthusiast seeking efficiency, the RAW Rolling Machine is a valuable addition to your smoking toolkit, empowering you to get your rolls right every time.