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Getting the Right Math Tutor for Your Child

Many students in Singapore are truly struggling immensely with mathematical learning and skills. While many factors contribute to the difficulties of students establishing solid maths learning in school, the biggest factor is still the high standard of the education curriculum and maths syllabi that Singapore has to maintain. As a result, many students facing learning challenges in maths are getting left behind with their lessons and may even suffer from lower grades. Because of this, many parents and students need to turn to private tuition, particularly, maths tuition by hiring a math tutor. Searching for a good math tutor means hiring from a reliable private tuition agency. This is where FamilyTutor’s math tutors come in.

Singapore must remain competitive in the global economy

For Singapore to remain competitive in the global economy, it must maintain the high standard and quality of its education curriculum. This means its students must excel in science, technology, engineering, and maths. In fact, maths is the foundation to engineers, technologists, scientists, and other productive citizens. Math knowledge is the important aspect in fostering critical and creative thinkers in all career fields. Ultimately, parents turn to maths tuition in FamilyTutor to assist their children to keep up with their maths learning and later become productive citizens.

Choosing the Best Math Tutor from a Reliable Tuition Agency

Do a complete reference check

Parents should do a complete background check on the tuition agency they plan to hire from. They also need to do a background check on the maths tutor recommended by the tuition agency. Always verify the background and teaching history, and the credentials. Verify if the tuition agency itself is reputable and trustworthy from customer reviews, testimonials, and independent reviews online.

Know the quality of the tutors

Parents should know who will be tutoring their child and how the tuition agency selected this particular tutor. They should verify the tutor’s past experience with other students and check if those students had improved grades and academic performance.

Determine the true cost

When searching for a tuition agency or the best tutor, consider the cost of the maths tuition for your children. Make sure all fees, rates, and other price packages are all upfront with no hidden fees. Make sure the tuition agency informs you of all policies and procedures before making that decisive decision. Finding a reliable and trustworthy tuition agency is no longer a difficult challenge thanks to the internet and other online technology. Parents can now use technology to make easy phone or online calls, enquiries, and interviews in abundance while visiting tuition agency websites.

Private Tuition is More Convenient for Everyone

Private home tutoring is a convenience for everyone and caters even to those with extremely tight schedules. All teaching sessions are done in the convenience and safety of the student’s home. Thus, once the tutoring schedule is agreed upon, only the tutor travels to the student’s home. The student is not pressured to attend a tutoring class in a tutoring centre. Even with tight schedules, parents can monitor their children’s and the tutor’s performance. Part of the aspect of private home tuition is the privacy. The student and parents can choose any part of the home for the learning environment that works best for the child’s special needs.

A Better Learning Experience

In most tutoring experiences, private home tutors are more experienced with teaching and learning interactions and are deemed more approachable than school teachers. This is because home tutors offer more individualised learning experiences. And today’s home tutors are more advanced with technology skills, using more innovative and technological learning measures to make the student’s maths learning more fun.

Choose FamilyTutor Centre

When parents select FamilyTutor, they can select from thousands of registered and dedicated maths tutors who are all highly qualified, experienced, dedicated, and passionate to teach. A math tutors from FamilyTutor guarantee better academic performance and grade improvements for all types of maths subjects, including pre-school, primary, secondary, JC, IB/IGCSE, polytechnic, and university levels. The high experience of these math tutors means they use specialised learning materials and credible guides, sufficient supplementary practice papers, and timed practice exams to improve maths exam taking techniques.