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Golden Teacher Mushrooms Spores

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Golden Teachers are among the most sought-after and popular psilocybin mushrooms. How do you recognize them? How was your trip? Keep reading…

The Golden Teacher has arrived, and the first day of class is ready to begin. Take a seat and listen to psychonauts’ favorite professor’s cosmic lectures.


They first became popular in the 1980s, although their origin is uncertain. We know that these magical mushrooms are popular among mushroom lovers.

We also know they’re cultivars, not wild strains. Some claim they were initially developed by a corporation in Amsterdam, although this has yet to be proved.


Because these botanical terminologies are frequently misused, there is a lot of confusion in the magic mushroom industry about what they mean.

Each genus is subdivided into distinct species. Different species cannot reproduce with one another. Each species of magic mushroom is divided into strains that can interbreed.

For example, Psilocybe Cubensis and Psilocybe Mexicana are separate species within the same genus. Both have Psilocybe features. They cannot reproduce since they are distinct species.

Cubensis strains include B+, Penis envy, and Golden teacher. A cultivar is a strain variant formed by selective breeding. Cultivars, by definition, need human involvement and, in many cases, cloning to ensure consistent features.

What about a distinct genus? The psilocybe genus is found among hallucinogenic mushrooms. It doesn’t matter if a mushroom is psilocybe Cubensis or psilocybe Mexicana; both are members of this genus. Amanita Muscaria, on the other hand, belongs to the Amanita genus.

To summarize, each genus is divided into species, and each species is divided into cultivars and strains. Strains exist naturally, whereas cultivars are created artificially.

Let’s see how we can identify them with that out of the way.


Golden Teachers feature large, yellow-patterned heads with golden stems. However, they are frequently confused with other Cubensis strains.

It doesn’t help that many refer to other Cubensis by the Golden teacher’s moniker. Most likely due to their similarity, especially for the Golden Teacher and B+ strains.

When in doubt, buy from a reputable vendor. They’ll find out. This is true whether you’re purchasing Golden teacher mushrooms spores or entire mushrooms.


The effects of many types of magic mushrooms are equivalent. After all, each one has both psilocybin and psilocin.

However, the typical quantity of psilocybin that is found in various types of mushrooms might vary. Other alkaloids can create slight changes, which is part of what makes each strain special.

Golden teachers often have psilocybin content that is slightly higher than usual. They are not as powerful as Psilocybe Azurescens or Blue Meanies, but it does not mean that they are incapable of producing effects.

They also have a normal level of psilocin. Because psilocin activates faster than psilocybin, this is beneficial for novices. It’s also a lot hotter. A new psychonaut may be baffled by too much psilocin.

In addition, if you desire a powerful but brief experience, you can utilize your Golden Teacher to create a recipe for lemon tek.

According to anecdotal data, Golden teachers provide a pleasant ride and are less likely to produce a poor trip. Because of these characteristics, they are as popular as Blue Meanies, B+, and Penis Envy strains.

One last thing to think about is the name of it.

A primary feature of psychedelics is their ability to magnify tiny differences. Take a name as an example.

It is not unusual to consume Golden Teachers, and I believe you will learn some lessons from a knowledgeable mushroom creature. It doesn’t matter if your reasoning says, “It’s only a name”; logic takes a back seat when you’re tripping.

Psychiatrist and psychedelic user Stan Grof regard psychedelics as “non-specific amplifiers” for a reason. Psychedelics will enhance your emotions as well as your understanding of the world. This amplification applies to names and their accompanying meanings.

Add whatever you’ve heard about the Golden instructor mushroom to the mix. Any association you form with this mushroom will become a part of the experience.

Reading this article may help to enhance this impact.


It varies on the amount, but between 2 and 3 grams, you’ll probably get the hallucinations everyone speaks about, although they’re not the most noticeable effects.

Golden teachers will alter your perspective on reality.

When your mind stops filtering information the way it typically does, you will notice items and details you previously ignored. Our brains filter out information that it deems unimportant or redundant. This is beneficial for our daily functioning but shutting off the filter for a few hours allows us to think in new ways.

Maybe you’ll look at nature with childish wonder or dive deep inside to discover essential truths about yourself.

Perhaps you will get interested in how your body moves. You could even uncover a remedy to your long-standing creativity block.

You may experience ego death or have communication with an entity.

Of course, none of them are limited to specific Golden teachers but are general side effects of magic mushrooms. The primary distinction is that this magical mushroom species is suitable for beginners.


The legal status of spores differs from the legal status of magic mushrooms. Spores, for example, are allowed in every state except California, Idaho, and Georgia. Funghead is a great place to get Golden teacher mushroom spores.

Magic mushrooms are only permitted in Denver and are outlawed in Canada. However, there is a growing grey market.


Golden teachers are ideal for both first-time producers and new consumers.

The minimal cultivation difficulties and plentiful crops are ideal for beginners starting to farm. The beginner-friendly outings are also perfect for first-time users for a new psychonaut.

That doesn’t imply that expert mushroom searchers can’t appreciate these adaptable fungi.

With that stated, your path is entirely up to you.

It doesn’t matter if this is your first-time experiencing penis envy or trusting the knowledge contained within a few grams of Golden Teachers. We recommend you begin with a modest dose and ensure a suitable set and setting.