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Golden Visa Portugal

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Golden visa Portugal, or the “residence permit for investments in Portugal”, is an opportunity to obtain a permanent residence permit in Portugal.

In order to qualify for this golden visa portugal, an applicant needs to invest at least €280K if he/she invests through a Portuguese company in real estate and maintain the investment for at least five years.

The Golden Visa Portugal requires an investment of 280,000 euros in real estate.

The Golden Visa Portugal offers a fast-track residency permit for those who invest at least €280,000 in Portuguese real estate.

Golden Visa Portugal is a new initiative from the Portuguese Government that offers residence permits to foreigners who invest in property. The investment must be at least 280,000 euros and the applicant must have a clean criminal record.

golden visa portugal benefits

Golden Visa Portugal is a program that was created by the Portuguese government to attract foreign investors.

This program offers residence permits and citizenship to those who invest in Portugal. The investment can be in any form, such as the purchase of real estate property, stocks or bonds, or even a donation to an approved project.

Golden Visa Portugal is a new visa program launched by the Portuguese Government in 2012. The program was designed to attract foreign investors and their families.

The Golden Visa Portugal program has many benefits for foreign investors. It offers a fast track residency permit, which can be obtained in just 12 months. Investors can also apply for citizenship after five years of residency in Portugal. In addition, the Portuguese tax system is very attractive for foreign investors and their families who are looking to relocate to Europe with a lower tax rate than other countries like France or Belgium.

The Golden Visa program is the most attractive investment opportunity in Portugal. It allows for obtaining a residence permit for investments in Portugal of 280,000 euros or more.

The Options for golden visa are: From 280k in real estate, A minimum of 500k subscription in a qualifying Portuguese fund, Capital transfer of a minimum of €1,5 million to Portugal.

In this article we are going to discuss the benefits of the Golden Visa Program and how it can be used to obtain a residence permit in Portugal.