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Welcome Back Programming Insider!

Your Daily Source of Media News and Information Returns

Launched in 1999, Programming Insider by Marc Berman is a trusted and a recognized name in the daily business of reporting about media.   Fast and informative; concise and relevant, Programming Insider keeps you “in the know” via our interactive website  and a series of daily emails designed for all facets of the broadcasting landscape — including network, digital, cable, syndication, and social media.

Our mission — then and now — is to offer a viable alternative to the way media related news is covered.  We don’t just re-report; we inform and we educate.  And we will dissect the PR spin versus the true reality, and will call it like it is in an interactive arena focused on ratings, trends, breaking news, scheduling updates, executive announcements, sports coverage…anything and everything in this rapidly changing business.  Under the guidance of our editor-in-chief, Marc Berman, and featuring Douglas Pucci, we will also delve into the rapidly growing digital and social landscapes, and the new age of how the audience consumes content.

Via our email alerts each day and at our website, we will cover all mediums: network, cable, syndication and digital.  And no morning newsletter would be complete without Berman’s signature daily trivia question!

What sets Programming Insider apart is the perspective.  Onward, we understand that media, broadcasting in particular, is a changing landscape.  The definition of a “hit” or a “miss” has evolved and we recognize the challenges and the opportunities that lie ahead.  As we delve further into this new age of consumption, Programming Insider will keep you in the loop – 24/7.

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