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Hashrates: How to Mine Effectively?

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Mining is considered one of the most productive methods of making profits from crypto in a passive mode. Utilizing this method is pretty easy, the main point is to get powerful equipment. The size of your income will directly depend on the GPU model selected. To avoid money waste, start by reading our guidelines on how to determine the productivity of such hashrate miner.

To start with, you must understand how mining works. In this process, one earns crypto currency by performing advanced calculations with the help of specialized equipment: processors, video cards, or ASIC miners. An optimal choice is a video card since processors are too slow, and ASIC miners are too expensive.

In general, you can safely choose a GPU based on a single criterion ― hashrates. This indicator is utilized to measure its power and express it in the number of operations it can perform per time unit ― hash per second.

Naturally, the higher this indicator is, the quicker a miner earns back his investments and starts getting profit. Also, the size of his daily income depends on that.

The hashrate of a particular model of a video card depends on its clock frequency and random access memory. Besides, a miner must pay attention to such aspects as series (the best choice is DDR5), video memory volume, bus width (256 bits as a minimum), and a cooling system.

How to find out the hashrate of a particular GPU? The simplest method is to check the model on a website like What To Mine. But the result will be approximate. If you want to know the exact figure, you should test the video card via Nice Hash Miner, Claymore’s Dual Ethereum, or another similar program. Yet, for that, you will need to start mining the crypto chosen. By the way, the services mentioned can also be used to determine potential profits the GPU obtained can bring. Furthermore, if needed, you can increase the productivity of your equipment with the help of special programs, but the process is rather painstaking.

In sum, if you have the capital needed to invest in powerful equipment and at least basic knowledge of such hardware, mining can be a decent source of passive income for you. Still, we would recommend you consider alternatives such as trading, staking, or cloud mining, as well.