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HBO to Develop New Drama Based on the ‘Hellraiser’ Series

Potential Series is Described as an 'Elevated Continuation and Expansion' of Its Mythology

HBO is currently developing a drama based on the “Hellraiser” film franchise from “Dark Knight” writer David S. Goyer, which consists of 10 films, a series of books, various comic books, and additional merchandise and media. The potential series is described as “an elevated continuation and expansion” of its mythology, and is not a reboot. It will also mark the small screen debut of the franchise’s iconic pincushion-headed monster and the rest of the Cenobites.

Mark Verheiden and Michael Dougherty are writing the project, while David Gordon Green (“Halloween,” “Eastbound & Down”) will direct several episodes.

The expected due date, if the project moves forward, is sometime in 2021.