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Headband Wig: How To Wear It

Headband wigs are not strange for users who always wear wigs. Headband wigs, as the name suggests, are wigs that have a headband attached, and the hair is sewn onto a soft wig cap. The special thing about these wigs is that they only go on the back of your head while you style your natural hair from the front, so people also call them half wigs. There are usually clips and adjustable straps at the back of the hat to fix the hair. The wig headband is very soft and comfortable special design that can fit the wig perfectly.

Benefits of Human Hair Wig Headband

Half wigs with headbands on the market have different hair textures. Human hair is a well-known and popular product that is welcomed by consumers. The headband wigs are the best hairstyles for beginners, they are very easy and fashionable in recent years. We can also see many female stars using this headband wig on TV, which fully shows that it has a lot of benefits.

  1. A glueless headband wig can protect your hair:

Wigs with headbands have three prominent features. First, there are no laces for the headband wig, so users won’t need to spend any time cutting extra laces at all. Then, you don’t need to use glue to apply headband half wig, it can prevent bad quality glue from harming your health and protect your skin. Three, the headband is flexible and very comfortable, and it can fit the wig on the head well. These 3 main benefits are attracting girls who want to try them. Headband wigs for African Americans are always a hot sell in every season.

  1. Breathable and light:

Human hair headband wigs are very light, they are not as heavy as other wigs, but they can also cover the entire scalp. The wig headband is also breathable and suitable for summer and winter. Wearing a headband fall wig will feel as light and breathable as natural hair, which is very suitable for hot weather.

  1. Very easy to install:

You don’t need much time to wear a human hair headband wig. You can place it directly on your head, use any headband to fix your hair, and just adjust it. Compared to wearing a lace frontal wig, you only need to spend ten minutes to apply the wig, while wearing a lace wig will take 1-2 hours. Therefore, a wig attached with a headband is one of the best hairstyles for beginners.

  1. Fashionable and comfortable:

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Can you wear a headband with a wig?

A half wig with a headband is a quick and easy way to add volume to your hairstyle. After prepping your hair and applying the headband wig, you’ll have a variety of ways to style both your natural hair and the wig to create a stylish, cohesive look! You’ll be ready to go out with your trendy hairstyle in minutes.

Here is headband half wig installation guide:

  1. Comb the headband wig:

 Use a comb to smooth out any knots or tangles. For a curly headband wig, use a wide-toothed comb to brush and detangle the wig. If the wig is thin, try using a smaller comb instead. Use smooth, gentle strokes when combing through the wig to avoid damaging it. If you prefer to keep the wig stable, feel free to use a wig stand instead. If you want your wig to look especially fresh and wavy, spritz it with water.

  1. Groom your natural hair:

Tie your hair into a ponytail before applying the headband half wig. Use both hands to take the back sections of your hair and secure them in a high ponytail. Keep in mind that a half wig will still highlight your natural hair along the front of your head, so the ponytail will cover the back. If you have short hair, aim to center the ponytail at the back of your head.

If you want to make your hair more secure, you can apply a wig cap to the back of your hair. When wearing a hat, try to tie your hair in a bun instead of a ponytail. If you see any stray hairs, don’t forget to secure them with a bobby pin.

  1. If you have thick hair, braid your hair back into rows:

Separate the front sections of your hair by pinching them horizontally along your forehead. Once these braids are in place, use the edge of a flat comb to separate the rest of your hair into 1-inch (2.5 cm) sections. Braid each of these sections backwards until they reach your lower hairline along the nape of your neck. Use hair clips to attach the bottom sections of your braids. This makes it easier to hide your hair under a half wig.

  1. Style your front hair:

Go through your bangs with a comb, bringing forward all the natural hair you plan to style with the headband wig. Make sure that section of hair is pushed in front of your ears, otherwise it can get caught in the wig later. Continue combing until there is no clear gap between your natural hair and the edge of the wig cap.

The cap of the wig should go to the top of your head rather than reaching your forehead.

  1. Install the headband half wig:

Almost all half wigs come with clips that can fit and secure the wig in place. Fasten the wig clips to the edge of your wig cap. Take the wig and place it on the back of your head. If your wig has a particularly large clip, use it to initially attach the wig to the brim of your hat. Make sure the half wig is secure around the cap, including the sides and bottom.

  1. Tuck the clip under your lower hairline:

Check the underside of the wig with the headband for another comb. In addition to the top comb, use the device attached to the bottom of the wig to stick the teeth into the lower hairline along the nape of your neck.

This clip is not required to hold your half wig in place, but it can be useful for those with longer hair.

If you want to add extra security to your human hair headband wigs, try weaving it in place.


With a headband wig, you can get a new hairstyle in minutes without going to the salon. Now on the market, virgin human hair headband wigs are the best headband wigs made from natural real hair, they can be dyed, permed, and blend very well with our natural hair. When you’re tired of wearing lace wigs or sew in hair extensions, why not try headband wigs at