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Hearing Deterioration – What To Do First

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Possible causes of hearing deterioration

Of course, the most common cause is age and the aging of the organism, but there are other possible causes. Among other things, hearing can deteriorate as a result of frequent and long exposure to noise, so people who work in such conditions must use special hearing protectors. We can also start complaining about hearing after illnesses and mechanical injuries. Determining the cause and promptly contacting a doctor will effectively prevent further symptoms from progressing.

Symptoms of hearing deterioration

Our relatives often notice that something is happening to our hearing, even if we have not paid attention to it yet. Perhaps we set the TV louder than before – we do not notice it, but the closest family does because the noise from the TV can often be quite annoying. Same when we talk on the phone – we speak and even shout into the phone, although it seems to us that we are talking normally – our relatives will notice this, or actually hear it much earlier than us. Other symptoms include problems with having a conversation in a noisy environment, requests to repeat what the person said to us, and frequent ringing and tinnitus.

Before the doctor – online hearing test

In the case of hearing deterioration, it is best to consult a doctor about this condition – this will allow quick diagnosis and applying effective treatment. Before we go to the doctor and start noticing the deterioration of our hearing, it is worth taking the hearing test online. It usually takes about a few minutes, is uncomplicated, and most importantly – it can also be performed at home in front of a computer. Its primary purpose is to detect loss in our hearing and to determine whether further examinations by specialists are necessary. So if we have noticed a hearing deterioration, it is worth taking an online hearing test at home, at least for your peace of mind.

How to prevent hearing loss?

As mentioned above, our eyesight and hearing deteriorate with age, but it depends mainly on how quickly it will progress. If the hearing loss is not caused by an injury or a history of illness, then we can infer that our lifestyle affected our hearing. What can we do to avoid hearing loss? First of all, it is worth following a diet rich in vitamins and minerals and avoiding excessive noise. So let’s not turn up the TV or music, and protect our hearing with headphones when mowing the lawn. It is also worth avoiding earbuds and keeping your ears dry as well as providing your ears good rest in complete silence from time to time.