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Here Are 7 Birthday Gift Ideas That You Can Buy Online for Men

When it comes to celebrating birthdays, sometimes it can be impossible to find the perfect gift. Thankfully, with the evolution of technology, there are so many companies available online with a huge variety of gift options to choose from. However, while there are plenty of options for women, it can sometimes be hard to find the right gift for men.

Men have a general image of ‘being able to survive on very little products’ but that’s actually not the case anymore. As our society continues to evolve, men are now taking care of themselves more often, meaning that there is an open market for a wider range of products. While every man is different and each has a variety of taste and preferences, there are still a few things that men still have in common. This can be sports, music, video games and even fashion choices or using beverage coasters.

So, in order to make it easier for you to find that perfect gift for your friend, boyfriend, husband, son, brother, father, cousin, grandfather or uncle, here are 7 birthday gift ideas that you can buy online for men.

Fashion has expanded to men being able to dress with style and sophistication, rather than just a plain old top and jeans. However, every outfit isn’t complete unless there is jewellery to showcase it with. Ottasilver has a fantastic selection of luxurious jewelery for men. Here you can find rings fit for a king, bracelets that can make the outfit bold and vibrant and even necklaces that will make a good turtleneck or shirt stand out. It is the ideal birthday present for a man who loves fashion.


Grindstore specializes in anime products, which is perfect for males of all ages who watch anime and read manga. They sell t-shirts, hoodies, stationary, mugs and other merchandise with some of the popular animes such as Death Note, Attack on Titan and Dragon Ball Z. What’s great is that students can get a 10% discount on all products and there is a free UK delivery on products over £50.

Gold Genie

If the man that you’re planning on buying a birthday gift for loves gold, then this is the perfect online store for you. The theme for the brand is that everything is sold in the colour gold; smart phones, computers, watches, computer accessories and even lighters. They are for delivery in the United Kingdom, the United states, Canada, Australia, Japan, UAE and Switzerland.

Fragrance Direct

If your male companion, relative or friend loves to smell nice all the time, then check out Fragrance Direct. They showcase some of the best brands for cologne and aftershave and for such a good price. Here you can even find his favourite cologne, for half the price that they sell in physical stores. Here you can find brands such as Lacoste, Hugo Boss and Paco Rabanne.


Lakeland is the perfect online store to shop on if the birthday boy enjoys cooking. There are a wide variety of utensils and equipment that can turn him into a gourmet chef. There are products such as a pasta machine, breadmaker and even grills for the perfect barbeque. The gift can be a perfect addition to the tools and equipment needed in his kitchen.


If the birthday boy loves sports, then SportPursuit is the perfect online store to find sports clothing and merchandise. There are a variety of sport outfits and accessories to choose from, such as fishing, cycling, football and even for hiking. You also can find the perfect accessory, tool or outfit for someone who loves bird watching, mountain climbing or just fitness in the gym. This means that it’s perfect for males at all ages who have an outdoor hobby.

Find Me A Gift

If he has a character that is a prankster, or just loves a sense of humor, then you can find the funniest and silliest presents on Find Me A Gift. Some gifts are designed for adults only and can be very naughty, while other gifts can be the ideal tool for his new prank. There are also personalised gifts available, that can be sweet and sentimental for his special day.