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Here Is What Makes a Good Content Marketing Video

These days, businesses that create the best marketing videos are dominating the market (like Rock Creek Productions). The fact that 69% of worldwide consumer online traffic is made up of videos means that marketing videos rule the digital marketing platform. In today’s digital world, video marketing is inevitable, and if you want people to watch your content marketing videos and ads, you have to create top-notch videos. But what makes a successful video marketing campaign? 

According to video experts at spiel, ‘’to create quality video content, you have to determine your target audience, what they like watching and what keeps them watching it.’’ Your business may not have a big budget to facilitate a video marketing campaign, but you can certainly create videos that capture your target audience’s attention and generate conversions. With that in mind, here are the qualities that make a good content marketing video.

Relate with the audience

Before you create a content marketing video, identify your target audience. The best content marketing videos speak to an audience and directly address a particular group of consumers’ needs and emotions. In simple words, your marketing videos should be relevant to your target audience. Before you embark on a video marketing campaign, do in-depth research, know who your consumers are, their age group, what videos they like, and their interests. Study your typical customers so that you can make videos that relate to them.

Keep the videos short and straightforward.

Internet users have a short attention span. That is why videos appeal to them more than reading plain texts. No one has the time to scroll through pages of information when they can watch a 30seconds video explaining the same. Again, no one has the time to listen to your sales pitch, especially when your competitors can come up with short and catchy videos. So, keep your marketing videos short and simple. Although internet users love videos, many will skim through long videos if they don’t ignore them. Ensure your videos are clear, concise, and catchy to win the attention of the viewer. Learn what video testimonials can do for your business.  

Integrate storytelling with emotion

A great content marketing video tells a story creatively while still connecting with the viewer emotionally. According to a research study on consumers, 95% of buying decisions are subconscious. That means a consumer decides to buy a product based on how they feel. In simpler words, emotions drive purchasing decisions. There is no better way to influence customers to buy from your brand than tapping into their emotions. As you tell your brand’s story through a video, try tapping into the viewer’s emotions.

Come up with a catchy headline.

On platforms such as Youtube, the viewership is massive, and the competition is stiff. However, coming up with catchy headlines has proven to be a perfect way to grab YouTube users’ attention. To make this simple, try to reflect on some of the catchy headlines you have seen on marketing videos. What is it that made you click on the title? As you create marketing videos, keep in mind that there are competitors on the internet, and you need to convince the users to click on your video and not your competitor’s. There is no other way to grab the user’s attention than through catchy headlines.

Identify your value proposition.

Every content marketing video you produce must have a unique value proposition. What value does it add to the viewer’s life? Before you create a video, identify what value you want to add to the user’s life. The best marketing videos are those that make the consumer’s life better hence converting into sales. For instance, ask yourself what your product’s uniqueness is and the value it adds to the consumer’s life.

Integrate call to action

Just like your webpage, your marketing videos need a call to action. According to research, many consumers make a purchasing decision after watching a related video. So what next than asking them to purchase? After telling your brand’s story and presenting your value proposition, ask your consumers to buy or work with your brand at the end of the video. Call to action works best once the consumer has understood how the product works, improves their life and why they should purchase it. Call to action is a powerful selling instrument in content marketing videos.

Find your unique voice.

Today, voice branding is critical. The voice of your brand links to the perception people have of your brand. Again, you should consider your target audience when identifying the perfect voice for your brand. Choose a unique and consistent tone for all your marketing videos that can relate to the consumer. Here you have many options; recording your voice-over, utilizing professional voice-over talent, or settling for the voice-over of the video production package. The video production company can help you find the perfect voice-over that resonates with your brand.

Educate your consumers

A significant part of your marketing video should be to educate your audience on why they need what your brand has to offer. When it comes to educating your consumers, marketing videos differ from one business to another. For instance, if your company provides services, your informative video may be different from that of a company that sells products. Generally, focus on topics that matter to your audience. Informative videos are valuable to your audience and help you gain more viewership faster.

Integrate your website’s URL

If consumers have watched your marketing video and they like what they see, they need a way to get to your website and maybe purchase. You can always lead users to your website for more information by including a URL. Always ensure your marketing videos have active links to your website.

Ask for feedback

During the initial video creation stages, check your customer’s feedback, such as product reviews regarding your brand. That way, you can film a video that addresses their needs.

Concluding thoughts

Producing video content has proven to be a powerful tool for marketing across all businesses. Internet users lack time to read plain texts while watching a short video that explains the same thing takes seconds. Producing concise, catchy, funny, and memorable content marketing videos is the best way to bring out the value your business has to offer.