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Here’s All The Information You Need Regarding A Facility Maintenance Career

Starting a career in facility maintenance is one of the most profitable decisions you can make in the current times. Due to a competitive wage rate structure and scaling scope of the industry, there is no shortage of available opportunities in this area. 

Facilities maintenance is a broad term that encompasses various aspects and disciplines which relate to balancing the supply and demand of services and supplies. A facility maintenance staff’s role revolves around the management and maintenance of operational facilities where people live and work. Their job is to maintain these environments in a safe and secure condition while ensuring that there are no snags in the site’s operation. This will include upgrading the current security system to ensure that it includes a denied parties list, as well as making more general checks of the premises daily. Doing so can help to keep both employees and visitors safe at all times.

A facility maintenance staff’s role revolves around the management and maintenance of operational facilities where people live and work. Their job is to maintain these environments in a safe and secure condition while ensuring that there are no snags in the site’s operation.

In the absence of a facility manager, many elements of a site may undergo deterioration and lack upkeep. It would become impossible for people to live and work in an environment such as this one. An added disadvantage to their absence would be the impossibility to manage emergency situations.

Thus, a facilities manager’s job is a vital one, demanding their attention and effort to run a facility in a seamless manner. Let us get to know more about the additional aspects of a career in facilities management.

Which Type of Companies Usually Hire A Facility Maintenance Individual? 

There is no dearth of industries or organizations, which hire a facility maintenance manager to work behind the scenes and see to it that everything runs smoothly. In particular, their job ensures that the facility for which they work operates with efficiency and does not warrant a situation where compromise with productivity may occur.

Due to the function of a facility maintenance manager, every equipment and waste emerging from the facility are correctly dealt with. Most companies employ such facilities managers on a permanent basis, but the concept of contract employment is also not unknown for a facility manager.

What Does The Job Of A Facilities Maintenance Manager Involve? 

The job of a facility maintenance manager is comprehensive and amenable to the operating conditions of a facility. After undertaking the job of maintaining a facility, they would be responsible for carrying out the following positions:

  • Planning and management of various services which ensure the maintenance of a building site
  • Providing a safe and secure environment for the residents of the building. That includes the trees surrounding it. For more, check out Syracuse professional tree care provider.
  • Ensuring smooth operation and performance of technical services, including heating systems, air conditioning facility, and fire alarms.
  • Performing general services, which include cleaning, security, and space management of the building.
  • Ensure maximum space utilization of available building space.
  • Ensure that the maintenance job is carried out within a budget and in a cost-effective manner.
  • Take cognizance of emergency procedures and safety regulations along with the health of the team.
  • Ensuring awareness of these issues among the team members for active compliance with each objective.

How To Start A Career In Facility Maintenance Management? 

You may emerge from any academic background to be a part of a facility maintenance management team. However, you may require several skills to become successful in this field. For this, it is necessary to equip yourself with good communication skills and motivational skills to drive the staff towards success.

A career in facility maintenance management requires an understanding of safety and health policies so that an establishment may be able to function smoothly on the support of the services provided by the management.

A professional who chooses to follow a career in facility maintenance management will have the following career options ahead of them. A hands-on career or a management career will be the options available to them.

  • Landscaping and janitorial: Staff will take care of the cleanliness and appearance of the establishment.
  • System building: The job of the maintenance manager will include taking care of the utilities, hardware systems, and safety solutions.
  • Daily operations: Coordinating supplies for the office, maintaining conference arenas, and addressing fundamental problems with the concerned staff.
  • Ensuring the right environment: The staff takes responsibility to ensure that regulations are complied with and a healthy and safe working environment is promoted.
  • Management of space: Includes management of headcount of the facility and maintaining the requisite office space.
  • Transportation: Management of fleet and vehicle systems and other ancillary jobs that pertain to the transport function.
  • Security: Arranging essential security solutions such as an alarm system, electronic key card, door security, cameras, and more.
  • Prevention of fire: Taking care of evacuation in case of an emergency, preventing and dousing fires, and maintaining floor plans’ blueprints.
  • Continuity of production: Involves the management of components such that daily routine jobs are not hindered.

Working As A Facility Maintenance Manager: What To Expect? 

The scope of a facility maintenance manager and the work which they perform is quite vast. In a week, they can expect to work for about 40 hours in order to fulfill their duties. You may even be required to work round the clock on various shifts, depending on the job requirement.

Apart from communication and motivation skills, a facility maintenance manager also needs to be skilled at emergency preparedness and understand how to respond to situations on an urgent basis.

You should also be skilled in finance and business matters, which are needed to ensure operations’ efficiency. With the right blend of leadership and strategy building skills, you will be able to progress in this field with relative ease.

Understanding technology solutions like CMMS may further aid your resolve to progress in facility maintenance and management. It will give you an aptitude to learn and become a leader in your field.


Several accredited programs offer you a certification in facility maintenance and management. Taking part in such programs can be helpful in giving you a heads up in the direction of an admirable job in this field. There are several further ways to enhance your career in this field.

You can further take part in various networking programs related to facility management to expand your scope. To start a job in this field, you will need to build a reliable resume that highlights your skills and qualities suitable for this job. As opposed to preventive maintenance, you will need additional skills to excel in this area of facility maintenance and management.