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Here’s Why You Should Upgrade To a V8 Engine

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Today, many people are trying to stretch the life and usage of their vehicles rather than purchasing new ones. For example, you may be looking to upgrade to a 700 R4 transmission and motor to a V8 engine. These are some reasons you may consider an engine upgrade.

Greater Power Ceiling

When you drive a vehicle with a V8, you will notice a significant increase in power. This is especially important if you have a heavy vehicle or plan to haul heavy things. If you work on a job site that requires heavy lifting or want to pull a trailer behind your vehicle, a larger engine is a huge benefit.

The horsepower of your vehicle shortens the time it takes for you to haul your load because the engine delivers its torque quicker. Therefore, you don’t have to slow down as much when you are hauling a load. You also have greater control over your load because you can stop and start smoother than you could with a smaller engine.

Greater Speed and Acceleration

A larger V8 engine also gives you greater speed and acceleration. Because the engine is balanced, with four pistons on each side. This balance provides you with greater speed and acceleration capacity. You can go from a full stop to full speed in much less time, and you can reach higher speeds even when you are carrying a heavy load.

Greater Torque

Torque is defined as the rotational motion or force that your engine has. It determines the speed and power of your motor to turn your wheels. This is essentially what moves your vehicle down the road. This process directly affects your vehicle’s get-up-and-go. It impacts the time in which your vehicle can go from a dead stop to full speed.

Your truck will have more torque when you press your gas pedal. This allows you to experience a smoother start when you have a heavy load. Torque also directly impacts your truck’s ability to carry a heavy load, but its speed may be reduced due to its weight, depending on the motor.

To get the most torque out of your V8, you may consider upgrading your transmission as well. Consider the power and torque capabilities of a 1200 HP Powerglide.

Greater Load Capacity

Not only does a V8 handle a load better than a V6 or other engine type, it can also carry a much heavier load than these models. The engine noise you experience during the transportation of your load is also much less. However, you should choose the engine that meets your hauling weight requirements. For example, a V8 Hemi will haul much more weight than a V8 gas engine.

Better Engine Angle

The angle of your engine determines the smoothness because the 90-degree angles create better balance than a V6’s 60-degree angle. This is because the 90-degree angles experience both reciprocating and rotational force balancing. This engine has strong management of the three forces on the engine.

However, a V6 engine’s angle does not allow a complete balance of forces due to the odd number of inline cylinders.

As you consider your upgrades, consider purchasing an engine block tool kit to help you get the most out of your new engine.