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HGTV Announces ‘Backed by the Bros.’

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HGTV has greenlit “Backed by the Bros,” a new weekly series with home renovation and real estate experts Drew and Jonathan Scott. The 10 episode series, which premieres on Wednesday, June 5 at 9 p.m. ET, will, according to the logline, show another side of the Brothers as they relinquish total control of renovations to advise bewildered entrepreneurs, short-term rental owners and residential developers on high-stakes investment properties. To get each project across the finish line in an unforgiving housing market, the twins will back investors with their professional expertise, experience, invaluable insights and resources.

“We look for people who need our help to reach their full potential as property investors and who we can benefit the most,” said Jonathan Scott. “If we don’t think our services will be enough, we won’t back them.”

“We have a lot on the line, too. Our time, reputation and resources, which are not unlimited,” said Drew. “We are here to support, not take the reins.”

In every episode of Backed By The Bros, Drew and Jonathan will consider two potential real estate investments. After assessing the properties and meeting the owners, they will decide who to back with their full suite of support. Offering their expert mentorship, project management capabilities, trusted trade contacts, a team of designers and a warehouse full of construction materials, furniture and décor, Drew and Jonathan will bring every resource to the table. The Brothers are ready to help the investors avoid pitfalls, but there’s no guarantee they will listen. Protégés may push back or go rogue, but if they make the right decisions, they’ll get the best return on their investment.

In the season premiere, Drew and Jonathan will review a troubled renovation project in North Hollywood that’s already more than $100,000 in the hole, as well as a detached garage in Burbank that the owners hope to transform into a rental unit. While only one will receive the backing opportunity, the other will still reap the benefits of the Brothers’ consultation and invaluable advice.

“We want to help investors make the best choice possible and we want to educate them along the way on what we’ve learned over the years,” said Drew.

“We made so many mistakes early on in our renovation and real estate careers,” said Jonathan. “We wished we could have had a mentor to help us.”

“Backed By The Bros” is produced by Scott Brothers Entertainment with Drew and Jonathan serving as executive producers.