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Honbike Introduces Foldable Electric Bike with No Chains

Honbike is one of the premium e-bike manufacturers that introduce chainless technology. It’s impressive and revolutionary at the same time, to know that the kinetic energy from the pedals or the e-motor will not be lost any more in the chain. It’s something you cannot expect to give you extra mileage but it actually does it. You will be thrilled to know that some of the greatest bike athletes in the world would love to have the chainless technology to offer them a competitive edge against all the other opponents they may have in races.

But since you don’t know much about this incredible technology that transfers all the kinetic energy to the rear wheel through a rod, it’s better to read this short article and know more about the chainless technology that only Honbike has managed to offer the public.

Chains Used to Absorb Much of the Kinetic Energy

In older conventional and e-bikes, the chain used to be the main means of transferring kinetic energy to the rear wheel. It may seem natural today to think of the chain as the last resort solution for these systems. However, scientists and engineers have proved that the rotating rod has substantially less friction, and that makes it possible to have an energy transfer without losses as thermal energy to the environment. That’s the real gain with the chainless systems.

You Need Less Maintenance

With the chainless system, you have fewer spare parts to worry about when you are commuting with your e-bike day by day. Chains used to need lots of lubrication that could not be succeeded with any other means. You will need only to inspect the system solidity once a year, and upon that, there is no other maintenance requirement. The motor has a stable connection to the rear wheel through the rod, making it possible for you to ride hassle-free.

Minimalist Design with Only 57 Parts

Comparing with normal e-bikes of over 250 parts, Honbike HF01 has only 57 parts, which is easy to assembly, easy to replace , and saves a lot of energy form production to transportation. In addition, the company has integrated the design of many connecting cables and joints of this electric bicycle, which avoids the loose connection caused by bumps during the riding process, and brings safety and convenience to every riders.

Hon Bikes Come With a Longer Warranty

There is also a longer warranty coming with the Honbike, especially the ones that feature the chainless moving system. That means you will be free of mind for at least five years when buying your first chainless e-bike. It’s one of the most generous plans for the warranty that you will find in the world market. Honbike can offer such a warranty to its customers since it’s sure that there will be no accidental malfunctions to the moving system, and the batteries are also robust enough to get you for 40,000 KM with no hassle.

Foldable Ability is Easy to Use

People who commute to their urban office would like to have a Honbike chainless e-bike they can fold to perfection. That foldable e-bike exists and also features the chainless system to accentuate its ecologic personality. The folding and unfolding are quite easily explained from the tutorial videos on the Honbike website that will not leave anyone’s requests and questions unattended. You will be amazed to know that the e-bike is so foldable that it can fit in a small trunk. Or you can take it with you when you get in the elevator to the office.

Chainless Design with an Evolved E-motor

Honbike has also heavily invested in the e-motor that cooperates well with the chainless rod system. It’s impressive to know that the e-motor gives more torque and power for the battery capacity you have. This motor is also a brushless technology that gives more power without the need for constant lubrication. The lack of a chain makes it a lot easier for the motor to move the bike, and that would give you enough chances to recharge the battery and go even longer when you step on the pedals. It’s a revolutionary technology accessible to all people who love e-bikes.

Removable Battery with Quick Charge

You will know that everything is right with your Honbike e-bike when other people start asking you about the batteries. The main battery is placed in parallel with the main body parts of the bike. It’s also extremely lightweight and slim to ensure you have the best possible balance when you must always commute, it only takes 3 hours to fully charge the detachable battery. That’s why you can have longer trips with the Honbike electric bike and ensure that you can recharge it using the pedals at any time during the trip.

The Honbike HF01, currently available direct-to-consumer in Europe and North America, has passed all relevant tests and is currently in series production. Go to their official website (  to buy now and enjoy the latest preferential prices.