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Hostinger VS Hostgator: Who is the Best Free Website Builder in the Market?

Hostinger and HostGator are known as low-priced Website builders, but they still have something unique and different that makes them appropriate for web hosting. 

So the question arises: which one would you choose for free website hosting and register your domain name with whom? 

There is a cut-through competition between Hostinger and HostGator. To get the answer to this question, here it is the Hostinger review and HostGator review, which one is better to opt for as a free website builder and tagged as the best website builder? 

Let’s discuss both, considering some points and comparing them based on those points for better understanding.

  • Plans Offer on What Price
  • Features that make them Unique
  • Who performed Better
  • Who has the best Security measures?
  • Whose Customer Support is Better?

Let us start with the first question: what is different between their prices and the variety of plans?

Plans, Offers, Prices

Hostinger has three different plans, which are classified as Single, Premium, and Business web hosting plans. 

HostGator has three different plans: Hatching, Baby, and Business web hosting plans.

Compared to Hostgator, Hostinger is more cost-effective and has low prices for web building and registering a domain name.

HostGator is slightly expensive and will impact your budget. 

Now, let’s come to the second question: whose features are unique?

Hostinger: Hostinger has an in-house control panel named hPanel, making it quicker and more user-friendly than any other platform. It is a one-click WordPress hosting platform and a free website builder. hPanel is easier to use than cpanel.

It is convenient for the first-time website builder as it has an AI-powered framework that assists a novice in web building. It also offers extra perks, such as a WP starter wizard, an AI-supported framework, and 100+ templates for website building.

HostGator: HostGator uses cpanel, which is way more complex in programming languages such as CGI, Ruby, and Python than hPanel. So, it is less user-friendly and convenient to the newbies of website building. 

Let’s discuss it in depth with the following table.

The third question is, which is quicker?

Well, this depends on the type of drive for storage and server.

Hostinger uses an SDD drive for the website’s functioning, and HostGator uses an HDD drive. SDD is faster than HDD, which means Hostinger is quicker than HostGator. 

Hostinger’s website loads in milliseconds; however, Hostgator takes more seconds to load.

The fourth and most important question is which provides better security.

In this section, HostGator is more effective than Hostinger as HostGator never faces an issue in security measures. Still, Hostinger has some cases that show Hostinger needs to improve its security measures.

Hostgator offers site lock for an ongoing fee, Automatic malware protection, and protection from bot attacks.

Both platforms use DDoS protection, SSL certificates, and custom firewalls for every plan. 

The last and fifth question is, which platform has better customer support services? 

Hostinger and HostGator offer 24/7 customer support services like live chat boats, emails and tickets, and phone support, but they are still different. 

Hostinger will assist in some hours; however, HostGator provides service within 10 minutes. 

Let’s have a quick comparison between the Hostinger and HostGator

  • Hostinger’s Premium Shared ($1.79/month) – Host up to 100 websites and get 100GB SSD disk space, unlimited bandwidth, and access to weekly backups.
  • HostGator’s Hatchling ($2.52/month) – allows hosting 1 site and includes unlimited storage, email accounts, and unmetered bandwidth.

The Verdict

The conclusion is that both platforms have different abilities and web hosting plans. The best way to choose one is the suitability of web hosting plans. To select the best free web builder,, you need to analyze pricing, register a domain, SSL certificate, VPS Hosting, and the services provided by both platforms. 

The best-suited platform fits your pocket and gives your required services in that particular plan.

Well, with the above analysis and hostinger review, it is clear that Hostinger, as a rising star, is still doing its best as a website builder, and HostGator is giving it tough competition.