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Housewife Alert! BravoCon is Back and Chock Full of Your Favorite Housewives, Andy Cohen and Much More!

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Picture this…a lazy Sunday afternoon; a rare opportunity to catch up on errands or just simply veg. Naturally, you are cozying up on the couch. And, no doubt, chances of grabbing the remote for a glimpse of something worth watching is inevitable. Be warned! After a stop at Bravo for a glimpse of one of those housewives (or anything else), and you may never leave. At least for several hours, which is exactly what happened to this writer personally.

At the time, it was 2009 when The Real Housewives of New Jersey was knee deep in the Danielle Staub mishegoss (transition: craziness), and I have been a fan ever since. Remember this?

Flash forward, and what started as The Real Housewives of Orange County in 2006 has expanded to The Real Housewives of...New York City, Atlanta, New Jersey, D.C., Beverly Hills, Miami, Potomac, Dallas, Salt Lake City and Dubai. Not to mention spinoffs Don’t Be Tardy, Vanderpump Rules and The Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip. Each series focuses on the lives and the social dynamics of a core group of women in a particular city or geographic area. Each is chock full of raw emotion. And, each series will keep you glued to the tube waiting for the next big confrontation. Trust me…you won’t have to wait very long!

Take a look:

Bravo, of course, is more than just housewives. And, in celebration of the escapist programming fare on the must see cable network is the immersive live event BravoCon, where over 100 celebrities from your favorite reality-themed entries will gather at the Jacob Javits Center in New York City from Friday, October 14 to Sunday, October 16.

The official description: “BravoCon is a 3-day event designed for the Bravosphere, where Bravoholics can come together to celebrate their fandom, while also sipping the hottest Bravolebrity tea. Spend the weekend enjoying Bravolebrity photo ops, once in a lifetime live panels, Instagram-worthy moments, interactive exhibits, and shows like never before. It’s the biggest Bravo reunion of all time!”

Watch What Happens with Andy Cohen will host five episodes during the three-day weekend, including the first-ever WWHL Presents: Andy’s Legends Ball, a night that honors the key moments and talent throughout Bravo history. The WWHL shows will film at the Manhattan Center’s Hammerstein Ballroom.

“BravoCon is back and bigger than ever. I’m thrilled. We have some super exciting things, that I don’t want to spoil now, for Watch What Happens Live. But let me say, we’ll be doing five extra-special episodes of Watch What Happens Live from BravoCon that you’re not gonna want to miss,” said Andy Cohen in an interview.

In honor of BravoCon, we asked four of the housewives — Kandi Burruss (The Real Housewives of Atlanta), Crystal Minkoff (The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills), Gizelle Bryant (The Real Housewives of Potomoc) and Liza Barlow (The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City):

1) What are you most excited about for BravoCon?
2) Which Bravolebrity are you most excited to meet?;
3) What was your favorite 2019 BravoCon moment?
4)  What is your favorite Bravo show that you’re not on?; and 5) What is your favorite fan encounter that you’ve had?

1. What are you most excited about for BravoCon?  

KANDI BURRUSS: “Everything! This will be my first BravoCon experience.”

CRYSTAL MINKOFF: “Since I started the show, there have been many people who have reached out to me and have been so kind and supportive, and I’m looking forward to getting a chance to meet them face to face.  when you join a show on Bravo, there’s a sort of fraternity to it all.”

GIZELLE BRYANT: “I’m looking forward to seeing the fans. I love seeing how excited they are about Potomac.”

LISA BARLOW: “Being part of the Housewives is like being on an NBA team. I’m excited to be able to interact with everyone. Because Real Housewives of Salt Lake City premiered during the pandemic, it’s incredible to be able to experience the show and Bravo in this way. 

2. Which Bravolebrity are you most excited to meet?  

KANDI: “No one specific. I’m looking forward to seeing everyone!”

CRYSTAL: “I’m excited to meet Dorinda (Medley) – she was the first person to reach out to me once I was announced and has always been so kind.” 

GIZELLE: “I’m excited to see the ladies that were in Thailand with me. I miss the Salt Lake and Miami ladies.”

LISA BARLOW: “I don’t know if I could pick one, it’s like meeting family members for the first time!”

3.  What was your favorite 2019 BravoCon moment? 

GIZELLE: Backstage before WWHL, so many Housewives in one room is always a good time.   

4.  What is your favorite Bravo show that you’re not on? 

KANDI: “Watch What Happens Live!

CRYSTAL: “I love The Real Housewives of New York.”

GIZELLE: “I like Below Deck.

LISA BARLOW: “I would say 2 – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles.

5.  What is your favorite fan encounter that you’ve had? 

KANDI: “When I was a teenager in the beginning of my Xscape years. I met a fan who recreated the same look head to toe that I had on in the Love on My Mind video. She also had the groups name Xscape tattooed on her forearm. That was dedication!”

CRYSTAL: “I can’t think of a specific instance with a fan of mine. Instead, I can tell you that when Rob was working on a project with him, I had the honor of meeting Sir Paul McCartney. We attended a few shows of his and had dinner with him. I think I just stared at him the entire time.”

GIZELLE: “I love when fans tell me things that happened on season one of Potomac. Really makes me feel like they are on the journey with us. It’s special.”

LISA BARLOW: In Cannes, France, I was walking down the street and two girls had the best approach and conversation with me. 

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See you at Bravo Con!