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How Americans Are Spending Their COVID-19 Isolation?

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There is no doubt, the COVID-19 pandemic has taken its toll on Americans. This is especially true for impacted full-time workers and parents with school-aged children. When your daily routine is altered for something unexpectedly minor, you are left scratching your head. With the coronavirus pandemic, things are much different. Those impacted are left with no other options but to alter their schedules for what feels like an eternity. Fortunately, not every little thing you do needs to revolve around the global pandemic. What are Americans doing to keep themselves from going stir crazy? Find out by reading the content provided in the article below.

Arts And Crafts

More Americans than ever before are putting their imagination to the test with arts and crafts. Creating arts and crafts could never be more enjoyable when isolated indoors for days on end. Even though some states have lifted coronavirus pandemic bans, others continue pushing for more and stricter regulations. 

While you are locked in your home, it is crucial to keep your mind off of all the negative happenings around the world. And, you can do just that with arts and crafts. The great thing about these activities is there are endless options. Dancing, making movies, oil painting, graphic design, composing poems, erecting clay sculptures, designing clothes, and binding books. 

Only a few supplies and you are set to go. When you are not participating in arts and crafts projects, you can play Formula 1, one of the most popular online games of the modern world.


A practice that began as a simple process turned out to be one of the best stress relievers. Meditation has been around for many decades and is thought to be one of the most powerful stress-relieving tools. There are several forms of meditation, Buddhist, qigong, and Tai Chi, all of which originated from Asia. 

Today, people all over the world rely on meditation to calm their nerves in stressful situations. The practice is flexible, doable, and effective when performed properly. Being in a meditative state is calming, peaceful, and wonderful. Many users describe their meditative state as an “outer body experience.”

Social Media 

There is no doubt, Americans develop some of the best friendships through social media. There really is not much you cannot do on social media. You can compete, communicate, and rejoice with people all around the globe. All of these without leaving the comfort of your home. 

Some middle-aged and older adults believe social media has improved their lives for the better. Before the Internet and social media, these individuals spent their lives in isolation. Many of which do not have family or friends close by.

Social media has definitely come through for Americans during the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, Facebook reported a significant increase in viewership since President Donald Trump declared COVID-19 a national emergency.

Video Game Apps

No one can honestly say video game apps are not a hot ticket item, regardless of the season. There is a video game for every genre imaginable. If you look closely, you will probably find one related to your favorite hobbies and interests. Casino games have always been a hot ticket item among young and middle-aged folks. 

When you are stressing about your financial situation, you can turn to online slots, blackjack, poker, and Texas hold em’. Who knows, you may just hit the jackpot with only a few wagers invested. 

There are endless video game apps for both Android and iOS devices.


Puzzles were once thought to be a thing of the past. In fact, manufacturers had slowed production because American consumers were just not interested. Well, this all changed thanks to COVID-19. When you say something good always comes out of something bad, this is just one prime example.

Puzzles were flying off the shelves, as local retailers reported record sales. Everywhere you went, there was not a puzzle to be found. Even the Amazon Marketplace reported record sales for puzzle manufacturers Hasbro, Buffalo Games, SunsOut, Kodak, and Ceaco. 

People all across the nation were sitting at their kitchen tables assembling puzzles one piece at a time. 

Some Americans are still sticking to puzzles as a way to keep their mind occupied and off of the coronavirus pandemic.