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How Can You Discover if Someone is Married or Divorced?

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Dating someone with no records is a risky business. However, the biggest challenge is to find out if they are single, married, or divorced. It may sound like an obvious thing but a lot of people prefer to hide their marital status just to date someone new. To save you from this struggle, we created this guide where you can learn everything about someone’s public information.

Here we will share an online platform to perform this search along with some other methods to help you know more about someone. We will also share some signs that will help you find out their marital status without doing any research.

So let’s start with the most effective way to find out about someone’s marital status online.

Method 1: Using People Search Tool 

If you want to know someone’s marital status, what’s the better way than checking their public details? A people search tool does the exact thing for you. You can simply search for their name on a people search tool and it will show all the public information available about that person.

The best thing is that you can even check their criminal records with this search. Therefore, it comes out as the perfect solution to uncover someone’s details conveniently.

If you want to use a public search tool, we recommend you use CocoFinder to check if someone is married. It will not only help you get the information but will also show all the records with a single report.

What is Included in a People Search Report?

Here’s everything that you can find with this tool.

  • You can check the correct age of the person without letting someone know. When you perform a search, the report will show this information at the top.
  • It can also show you the marital status of the person. This record is official and there’s no way the information is incorrect.
  • It also shows you the contact details of the person such as their phone number and home address.
  • You can also check the employment history of the person using the same too.

There are many other things included in this report. We recommend you perform a search and find all the details there. Visit CocoFinder’s website and click on the people search button to access this tool.

Method 2: Using Social Media

Social media is one of the best ways to find out someone’s relationship status. If you believe that your partner is married or divorced, you can check it on their social media accounts. Even if they hide the relationship status, you can get a lot of information from their posts and updates.

The best way to find out is to check their old posts and to look for some indicators. If the person is married, you will find at least one post on the social media account.

If you face a problem in finding their social media accounts, we recommend you use the phone lookup service from the platform we shared before. Yes, CocoFinder has a phone lookup tool that will help you find all the associated accounts with the phone number.

This tool is quite effective and you will find the accounts easily. However, you can always try some other methods like asking mutual friends will work as well. 

Method 3: Investigate

If the above two methods fail to provide the required information, the last method is to take the matter into your own hands. Start your investigation and try to decode all the signs and the behavior of your partner. If someone is not much concerned about hiding their real relationship status, it won’t take you much time to figure it out. 

Things like going through their conversations and messages, you will find out more about them. Additionally, you can observe how often they receive calls and how they react while answering them.

These kinds of things will help you know if someone is married or divorced. Although this method is not much reliable, you can still expect some results out of it. 

What Type of Information is Important to Check Someone’s Marital Status?

The required information depends on the method you choose to uncover someone’s information. Here are some details that are more than enough to find someone’s relationship status.

1. Full Name

If you know someone’s full and the city where they live, it is a piece of cake for you to find their information. For this, you need to focus on Method 1 and use CocoFinder’s people search tool. It will not only show you their marital status but will show all the criminal records of the person. That is why it is important to know someone’s full name to get these details.

2. Phone Number

If you have the primary phone number of a person, you can simply use CocoFinder’s phone lookup service to find that information. The tool will show all the information of the person within a few seconds.

3. Social media Accounts

If you have the social media account of the person, you can check their friend’s list, messages, and old posts to find their relationship status. 

Some Signs to Know If Your Partner is Married

Here are some signs that might mean your partner is already married to someone else.

1. Pre-planned Dates

While it may sound a bit weird, but if your partner always meets you on pre-planned dates, there’s something fishy. The best way to clear it up is by asking them on a date randomly. Their response will give you some insights to start with.

2. Private Calls

If your partner always leaves when someone calls them, it is a warning sign for you. In most cases, people try to keep their relationships hidden from their new partners.

3. Never Use Credit Card

If the person is not using his/her credit card to make payments, it means they don’t want transactions made with you to show on their monthly statements. You can take it as a sign in your research.

Final Words

We shared some effective methods and signs that will help you know if someone is married or divorced. However, using the people search is the most preferred method for millions of users. You can try this method to avoid falling for the wrong person.