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How Can You Master Reading A Human Design Chart?

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Humans are believed to be the happiest beings on earth because they can eat, live, talk, and walk according to their choice and, most importantly, live their lives the way they want. This supreme being is God’s unique creation with the power to change the world through their wits and deeds. However, there is one thing that humans cannot ace, and that is predicting their future or exploring their conscience. 

What if you were told you could know your conscience, your genetics, and your body from depth? Wouldn’t it have been fascinating? A human design chart is a perfect blend of astrology and science. It enables people to have a great self-understanding and gain in-depth knowledge about their personality, psychology, and body. 

Many people still need to recognize this chart, while some even take it as an alternative or a better version of astrology. 

What is a human design chart?

The most advanced version of astrology that uses a graphical chart to describe a person, human design, is helping people to welcome a lot of positivity into their lives. Generally, this chart represents a graphic design made with the help of personal details, including date, place, and time of birth. It is very similar to mainstream astrology as it considers planets and heavenly bodies such as the Sun and Moon as important symbols that help you understand the body graph better. 

This chart may look overwhelming to a beginner with no idea of the symbols and interpretations, but it can prove life-changing once you begin to understand. It is a unique blend of ancient astrology and contemporary discoveries in science and technology. With the help of graphical representations and symbols, you can understand what lies within your conscience and body. It is a powerful tool that can lead you toward self-discovery, including strength, success, satisfaction, surprises, and pace. 

If you need to learn how to draw these charts, there is nothing to worry about; many advanced applications help you build them on your mobile or computer. They are user-friendly and assist you in understanding the meaning of symbols. 

How different is it from mainstream astrology?

The human design chart is a unique blend of Eastern and Western astrology chart combined with scientific discoveries. It is a perfect conglomeration of science, technology, and Vedic astrology. Its roots are connected even if it is more advanced than mainstream astrology. It is easier to understand if you know the symbols and their importance.  

How to master reading this chart?

Many experts say this chart is the blueprint of your life or who you are born as. It allows you to understand your mind, body, and soul and helps you get better in life with decisions. Here are the ways you can read this chart: 

  • Firstly, you must generate a chart from an application or a website by filling up your age, date of birth, etc.
  • The next step involves beginning to study the chart systematically. First, you need to discover your energy type. There are five energy types: Manifestor, Generator, Projector, Manifesting Generator, and Reflector. Each type has its specific meaning.
  • Next, your energy type is linked with a corresponding strategy, which describes your strategies in life, such as how you work with plans and decisions, how the nature force affects your life, and so on.
  • Third, you discover the Not-self theme, which means negative energy often affects you. If you are a Manifestor, it will be anger; for Generator, it is frustration; for Projector, it is bitterness; for Reflector, it is disappointment. For Manifesting Generator, it is a combination of anger and frustration, which equals impatience. 
  • Next, you discover your inner authority based on symbols. 
  • Lastly, you find out your energy centers in the body, profiles, gates, and channels.
  • Everything depends on numerals and planetary symbols that you need to master. 

Final thoughts

Humans can easily be affected by negative energy and force, and to eliminate these negative factors, it is crucial to understand your body and mind in depth. And that is what the human chart does; it introduces you to the self and makes you aware of every life force affecting you positively and negatively.