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How Could the Arrival of Fan Duel TV Impact the iGaming Industry?

Thanks to an array of digital tech innovations, many new industries emerged, while others have found a new home online. The iGaming sector has thrived in these new conditions, which allowed online users across the world to bet online or play their favorite casino games from the comfort of their own homes. 

The introduction of mobile gambling platforms further cemented the status of the iGaming industry as a go-to destination for online gambling. No longer do you need to wait in line to play roulette, for example, or to physically visit a bookmaker in order to bet on the biggest match of the year, today all you need to do is register from your smartphone or tablet on a trustworthy betting site, and you are good to go. So, it wasn’t long before the mainstream media took notice of the iGaming popularity and its great global audience. 

In the USA, sports betting is not legal in every state, but in 2022 it managed to become legal in 33 states. FanDuel is a well-established brand in the iGaming sector that has announced the development of a unique watch and wager TV network. 


FanDuel TV is planned to provide a 24-hour content network featuring studio programming and live sports. They will be rebranded from the TVG horse racing channel to FanDuel TV along with a mobile app with the same name. What’s revolutionary about FanDuel TV is the combination of FanDuel influencer partners, which will host the shows that cover sports, news, and reports, and also you will have a unique opportunity to place your wagers from the same spot.  

So, you can watch the games live and place your wagers from the mobile app, online website, or in a nutshell, any device. To this date, there are 12 million users, and they offer NFL, NBA, NHL, PGA, and other sports. 

Also, after the rebranding process is over, TVG2 will become FanDuel Racing, TVG will be FanDuel TV, and The TVG OTT app will become FanDuel +. Moreover, FanDuel is currently in a leading position because it accounts for over 30% of the betting market, and after September’s launch, they will have an opportunity to interact with fans and wager from different FanDuel platforms. Hence, it’s expected for their share to grow even further. Although the concept is quite unique, it’s not that surprising combination if we see how the iGaming market has entered the mainstream and video streaming services have become part of our daily routine. 

Online Casinos   

Online casinos can also integrate this concept on their platforms. There are actually very successful YouTube channels where users play slot games in real-time, and they review different casino games on their YouTube channels. If we take this step further, reliable casino sites that you can find on honest online casinos allow you to play a variety of casino games, from slots to live dealer games and table games. But, based on the FanDuel concept, it can also offer, for example, an opportunity to watch live casino games on your device without participating, or you can also interact with celebrities and influencers that will share different tips about specific games. Anyway, it’s a good mix of both video streaming and casino games that you can play from both mobile and desktop devices. 

Final Thoughts   

In conclusion, the introduction of FanDuel has marked a new era for the iGaming market, which will attract a new audience of users that previously weren’t interested in online betting, but now there is a convenient and safe way to do so while watching the favorite games. On top of that, we will expect the future other aspects of the iGaming sector to follow this trend and create their own versions of FanDuel’s watch and wager TV.