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How Credit Checks Empower Data Driven Decisions

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One of the many advantages of credit checks can be seen in digital lending, or commonly known as online loans. By using a borrower’s credit score as reference, lenders can make the decision if they approve a borrower’s loan application or not. You can also find answers to financial concerns at DimeBucks.

In today’s market, it’s never been important to be as competitive as possible to pull in the customers that you need to make your business successful. With the rise in technology and communication, the average consumer is uniquely fitted with access to information on a level that has never before been possible. While this opens up a variety of opportunities to capitalize on as a business, it also introduces new challenges. 

For instance, when it comes to competing for attention, the internet and mammoth search engines like Google have completely transformed the face of marketing. You may have the best products and services in your respective field, but when you’re put side by side with thousands of other competitors in a Google search, you need to stand out in a major way. 

There are several ways that a company can accomplish this, such as creating a well-branded website that functions smoothly and delivers a terrific experience. Another option is investing in SEO marketing to make their brand more visible in Google’s ranking system. However, there is one unique tool that can really set you apart from the competition because it’s a tool that allows your potential customers to be empowered with data. That tool is a CRS credit API. 

What is a CRS Credit API?

So what exactly is a CRS credit API and why should you care about this valuable tool that can set you apart from the competition? In short, a CRS credit API stands for Credit Reporting Service and is a tool that allows your existing or potential customers to check their credit. This soft credit check API is a tool that integrates into your website allowing your customers to perform a soft credit check without ever leaving the comfort of your digital storefront. 

The fact that it’s an API, application programming interface, means that you can set up this service to be something that your company offers in-house. 

What is a Soft Credit Score?

A soft credit score is simply the ability of a customer to pull up their credit in a way that doesn’t affect them negatively. Depending on how you set up your CRS credit API, you can allow the credit information to stay private to the customer or you can acquire consented access to the information. This makes the process of checking credit something convenient from your website, while at the same time not extending any threat to your potential customer’s credit score. 

Who Would Want to Use This?

So now that you know what a CRS credit API is, the real question is would this work for you and your industry? Is it really something that can help you attract customers, or will they even care? 

The truth is, the world runs off of credit. Credit scores determine everything from loan amounts to house options and much more. Even though credit is so important, it’s still not uncommon to find people who aren’t familiar with their credit score. So not having to go through a third party, or redirect to a new website allows for a level of convenience that is attractive to customers who may need to check their credit scores before engaging your services.

Where this creates real convenience, however, is for you and your business. This allows you to perform necessary credit screenings to filter potential customers. This is invaluable for services such as renting industries that deal with tenants, or sales such as locomotive sales or personal lending and financing.

How Easy is it to Set Up

This is where it gets almost too good to be true. Setting up a CRS credit API on your website has never been more streamlined or manageable. Because of the team of professionals who are highly trained, setting up your website or CRM with a CRS credit API is hassle free. Because this team is skilled in constructing custom integrations, you never have to worry about the trouble, hassle, and headache of setting up a unique API that can service your needs. 

Can You Put This CRS on Your App?

What if you’re a business that sees most of its traffic happen on your custom app? No worries. The team that builds these custom integration for the CRS API is talented and can work with you to make sure that your customers have access to CRS where and how you want.

Conclusion: A Win-Win For Everyone

By integrating a custom CRS credit API, you are allowing your customers to access their credit scores which acts as a huge convenience to them. This also fuels their ability to make real data-driven decisions regarding their financial stability. At the same time, this helps your company filter and vet potential customers with a level of insight that matters.