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How Dating Site Uses Machine Learning to Help You Find Love

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have impacted so many aspects of live. The popular applications of AI already include personal assistants (like Siri), movie watching, travel, customer service, computing, the music world, medicine and yes – even dating.

Online dating has long been reliant on a matchmaking algorithm created by a human being. What if this algorithm had the power to “learn” and evolve? Would it result in better matches and improved odds of finding love? Since machine learning and AI are already a part of the dating experience, we can easily find the answers to these questions.

Advanced Matching and Much More

The world of online dating is already truly diversified and capable of offering a possibility to match your preferences.

Many of the big players in this realm have already embraced artificial intelligence algorithms in an attempt to offer members a better experience and dating website is also one of them.

It uses the most obvious application of the technology called an advanced matchmaking system.

When machine learning is applied to the original matching algorithm that Doulike started with, the process of generating matches becomes much more advanced. The technology examines many aspects of your app usage – your past behavior, the types of people you communicated with and your preferences to generate new matches.

AI can easily establish patterns and preferences that are very small and insignificant in the grand scheme of things. Such little details, however, can easily contribute to more accurate and more relevant dating suggestions.

Doulike app offers members romantic suggestions by analyzing up to 50 factors like hobbies, star signs, communication style and behavior on the app. With every new member’s behavior being analyzed, algorithm is “learning” and improving its suggestions.

The creation of better matches, however, isn’t the only way in which AI is affecting the online dating world.

New Era of Fraud Prevention

There are several areas of weakness in the realm of online dating.

Fraud prevention is a primary area that many dating websites still find challenging to address.

Machine learning can potentially eliminate the issue altogether through the identification of suspicious behavior and odd-looking profiles. DouLike widely uses it to protect its users from spam and fake profiles whose main goal is to get money from real members.

The manual inspection takes a lot of time and effort, while artificial intelligence detects patterns of data based on extensive analysis. Thus, an AI algorithm can identify issues and potential scammers that a human moderator may be completely incapable of detecting.

There have already been instances of dating website scammers being identified by AI. In an experiment, a neural network was used to analyze profiles – both the information entered by the user and their communication with others. The system accurately spotted fake profiles in 93 percent of the cases.

As this algorithm is not perfect yet and still may affect real accounts, Doulike uses it with a combination of manual moderators. Artificial intelligence checks all profiles and forms a list of suspicious ones and then moderators check only these ones. It assures that real profiles won’t be affected and users will be protected from scammers.

Romantic Coaching… DNA Matching?!

Artificial intelligence can also be used to further the range of services dating apps provide.

Imagine having your own personal romantic coach to guide you through the process.

Doulike is working on the creation of a chatbot that will guide you on online dating. When you ask questions, it will respond with tips and guidance. This mechanism is still quite rudimentary but machine learning enables algorithms to evolve and to offer much more complex assistance within a certain period of time.

Thus, the sky is the limit when it comes to sophisticated help that bots would be capable of offering those looking for love.

Here’s one final curious possibility in the realm of online dating that’s powered by AI. DNA matching between different people may seem like science fiction but it’s actually a thing already.

To put it in simple terms, you send a DNA sample to the service provider. The AI algorithm analyzes that sample and looks for a suitable match on the basis of the genetically-coded information. While this may sound a little bit creepy right now, there is a scientific foundation for DNA matching. We will simply have to wait and see if the idea will be taken to the next level and if it will produce some viable matches.


In this digital age, online dating is gaining in popularity and technology is taking up more and more part in it. Global dating website and app Doulike already uses the advanced matching algorithm and fraud detection, and constantly works on finding new applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning. We can only imagine what future is waiting for us with new discoveries and new possibilities.