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How Did I Prepare And Complete The AZ-900 Microsoft Certified 

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Cloud Computing is gradually becoming one of the leading and hottest trends in the technology landscape. These cloud services help companies in using computer security, database, storage and other resources. Consequently, cloud computing professionals are in great demand these days. Microsoft is one of the leading brands in the existing cloud services market. A fool can only lose such a great chance to enhance their cloud career! Want to get Microsoft AZ-900 Certified? Check out the full article to gain a clear understanding of the Microsoft AZ-900 exam and the tips to prepare for it too from this source

Microsoft Azure AZ-900 Exam 

Before explaining the Microsoft AZ-900 exam, I would like to briefly introduce Azure. Azure, the fastest-growing cloud platform is a part of the globally recognised company Microsoft. It provides us with different features to build, manage and develop applications on a global network (i.e. Microsoft) using various tools and frameworks. There is a major misconception regarding the AZ-900 exam stating it is an easy exam. Readers, do not believe such rumours/sayings. Even though the AZ-900 exam is a fundamental level exam, it requires you to have a clear understanding of cloud concepts and Azure administrations. People from both technical and non-technical backgrounds appear for this exam to validate and enhance their Azure cloud services skills. If you appear and clear the first exam, it also reignites your spark and competence for the next Azure role-based certifications. 

Benefits Of Possessing AZ-900 Certificate

There are numerous benefits of possessing an AZ-900 Microsoft certificate. Let’s have a look at a few of them. 

  1. It prepares you for the future. Considering the increasing hype and demand of the artificial intelligence industry, specifically, the cloud dynamics, having a validation certificate from one of the leading cloud-based industries adds a feather to your cap. 
  2. Makes you stand out in the competition. Possessing a Microsoft Azure cloud certification helps in increasing a sense of reliability and security among the recruiters. Your chances of getting selected increase as they tend to believe that you are already equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge as stated in the certificate. 
  3. Subsequently increases your salary. Having an Azure AZ-900 Microsoft certificate can increase your chances of getting a better paycheck. 

Tips To Prepare For an AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamental Certification Exam 

After acknowledging the pros and cons(which are pros and cons) of AZ-900 Microsoft Certification, who would miss a chance to add a digital badge to your CV. Once you get yourself enrolled in the program, your learning process gets started. Here are some tips to ace your fundamental exam with good marks. Hope you find it helpful! check over here Microsoft exam questions and answers

  • Take the online learning modules religiously. Believe me, there’s no better way to understand those concepts other than the free learning modules for AZ-900. 
  • To gain insights, you need to study the widely spread/shared resources. One such way to access those resources is by joining study groups and forums. 
  • Lastly, as we’ll know knowledge is the actual deal here. Therefore, don’t skip any source to gain it. Explore the Microsoft documentaries and informative book sections.