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How Do Handheld PDA and Mobile Printer Empower Smart Logistics?

New technologies, i.e., mobile technology or data analysis, are changing the logistics landscape. Many logistics companies rely on smart logistics to carry out all operations inside and outside the warehouse. From the receipt of goods to the delivery and distribution to the end customers, mobile technologies, such as a handheld PDA, ensure maximum throughput.

Current Trends in Smart Logistics and Warehousing

Technologies such as handheld mobile computers and mobile printers are networked devices that are typically connected to your network via wireless technology. These point-of-use devices are designed to be lightweight and durable, allowing uninterrupted performance in different environments, including the warehouse, cold storage, and the road.

The application of handheld PDAs and mobile printers in all warehousing and logistics operations has enabled them to gain a foothold. Used to increase process control, optimize throughput, and minimize operating costs in the warehouse, these handheld PDAs and mobile printers rely heavily on the data produced by interconnected devices.

Managers can use the knowledge obtained from this analysis to make better decisions on a variety of operations, including: 

  • Dock management
  • Smart auto-routing
  • Resource utilization
  • End-to-end order tracking
  • Fleet management

Additionally, handheld devices are a great replacement for manual systems through automated handling of equipment in repetitive tasks, such as moving goods and order processing. These operations are coordinated by a warehouse management system (WMS) to limit the occurrence of errors and optimize all operations performed in the facility. 

How Mobile Devices Facilitate the Development of Smart Logistics

Retailers around the globe are constantly looking for ways to improve their business and serve consumers. As a result, merchants are looking to incorporate handheld mobile computers and mobile printers, which give easy access to card payments, rapid and reliable processing, high-speed printing, and smooth operations of the business.

Listed below are some benefits of mobile devices in smart logistics:

1. Convenience

Mobile devices offer next-generation logistics management solutions by utilizing advanced technology and long-range scanning to gain better visibility and control over operations. For example, UROVO RT40 is an industrial handheld PDA with super long-range scanning and Wi-Fi, allowing easy identification and decoding of barcodes in a 15-meter scanning range.

The rugged industrial computer is designed to cater to harsh environments through a professional anti-corrosion screen, a 1.8m drop resistance, and a hot-swap battery which effectively protects data and prevents loss of important information. 

2. Efficiency

As a data acquisition and data interaction tool, smart terminals can timely upload, transmit, and feedback information by scanning barcodes or RFID tags. UROVO DT50 handheld PDA device includes these features:

  • A 5.7’’ bezel-inch display.
  • A professional scan engine.
  • IP67 sealing glass that facilitates millisecond response for reading 1D/2D codes quickly.

The DT50 is available in two different versions, an international safety-certified fingerprint module and a high-performance RFID gun ripe to overcome more challenges easily.

3. Better Integration with Peripherals

Traditional POS terminals have limited integration capabilities. Smart terminals can be paired with many software and hardware devices, allowing retailers to control additional technology costs and better manage their business. 

The K329 mobile printer is UROVO’s latest technological addition. The compact and portable device supports different printing materials, dual Bluetooth communication, high-speed printing, and HD print resolution, which smooths the way for long, continuous operation. 


Founded in 2006, UROVO is the world’s leading mobile application solution provider. Rooted in core technology, the company focuses on the design, research, development, production, and sales of smart terminals for customers in logistics, retail, finance, transportation, and other industries.

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