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How Do I Buy XRP Immediately?  

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The digital payment and exchange network Ripple solves tasks that are very ambitious and essential for the smooth functioning of financial system  As a faster and more transparent money transfer system, it is trying to replace SWIFT. The platform allows for not only making payments but also cheaply and instantly exchanging various fiat currencies and crypto as well as valuable assets. However, to commit these transactions, internal crypto XRP is needed to pay fees.

The Best Way to Store and Buy Ripple

The Ripple network is very dynamic. Transactions are completed almost instantaneously. That is why I sometimes need XRP immediately to continue my financial business operations. In an attempt to find the best platform for purchasing XRP, I found out that buying Ripple online is most beneficial with non-custodial cryptocurrency storage Guarda. By downloading Ripple wallet, the user gets the possibility to:

  • buy XRP in any comfortable way, with SEPA or debit/credit card immediately
  • make instant transfers
  • exchange it for more than 50 other cryptocurrencies

Essential Features of Guarda Ripple Wallet

If you prefer to use your wallet online, you will get it for free. Your wallet will be:

  • multi-currency: you don’t need to open a separate wallet for every cryptocurrency.
  • cross-platform: Guarda is compatible with various operating systems.
  • non-custodial: the administration of the platform will not have access to your private key or SEED phrase.

You can choose the mobile version of Ripple wallet by downloading the special Guarda software or browser version. Also, the platform can provide you with a paper wallet if you prefer this form of keeping information on your public and private keys.

The simplicity, convenience, and speed of crypto transactions on the Guarda platform will make all your crypto transactions incredibly easy. You will understand that the service can be a real assistant when conducting trading operations. And if you use the opportunities provided by the Guarda’s Academy, it will also be your teacher in the field of crypto trading.