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How Do You Figure Out If a Slot Machine Will Win?

If your goal is to find out if a slot machine will pay, know that this is a difficult exercise. However, even though these casino games are frequently likened with luck, there are certain criteria that will enable for you get a grip on this information. Learn below the criteria you will base your betting on to find out if a slot machine will pay out.

Slot machine volatility

To find out if a slot machine will pay out, it is advisable to pay attention to its volatility. Indeed, this is a measure of the magnitude and frequency of winnings on sloty online. But depending on your goal and your profile, you shouldn’t focus your choices on the same slots. Therefore, it is important to know the existing concepts of volatility.

Volatility Concepts

There are several slot machine volatility terms that you need to be aware of:

  • High Volatility Machines. High volatility slot machines are specifically designed for players looking for adrenaline and motivated by big winnings. Indeed, this slot allows you to make more winnings, but not often.
  • Medium Volatility Machines. This form of volatility not only allows you to make regular profits, but also to claim larger amounts than on a lower volatility machine.
  • Low Volatility Machines. Slot machines with low volatility offer small winnings on a regular basis.

Where to find out the volatility of playing machine?

To determine the volatility of the slot machine, simply go to the desired game and select the “parameters” tab. You will then find information related to volatility. You can also search directly on the studio’s platform for the slot machine initiative. The developers have not failed to post information about their games.

Redistribution Rates (TRJ)

The payout rate (TRJ), also called return to player (RTP), is a very important criterion to consider when choosing your slot machine. Indeed, it represents all winnings paid out in a slot machine game in relation to bets placed. As for slot machines, especially online, the RTP should be between 94% and 98%.

Country gambling managers, responsible for ensuring the proper functioning of online casinos, make sure that the specified bets comply with the requirements. In addition, it is highly recommended to choose slots with a minimum return rate of 96%. That way, you are sure to have the slot machine with you that will pay out. To find out the RTP of machines, go to the “settings” section of the games. You can also find this on sites that specialize in publishing features of casino games.


In addition to volatility and payouts, you can find an arcade machine that pays off because of its features. So, there are several features you should base your analysis on. These include, among others:

  • Autoplay feature;
  • The progressive jackpot feature;
  • The respin function.

With the Autoplay feature, you’ll be able to automatically extend your games multiple times. The progressive jackpot refers to the amount of money tied to the machine’s kitty. The kitty increases according to the bets made. The respin feature allows you to replay the line by re-activating an additional bet. Above all, it increases your chances of winning.

Different bets can be placed on the slot machine

Not all slot machines work the same way. So, to find out which one will pay, it is important to first find out the different possible bets on it. They determine whether the machine pays or not. Minimum bets are often around 10 cents and are limited to hundreds of dollars.

It is highly recommended that you anticipate this step to determine the budget you want to allocate to the machine. Subsequently, you will allocate that budget based on the number of games you want to play. You will find the betting data in the interface always on the “parameters” tab.

Consider discrete slots

As a rule, stealth slots are the most profitable. So, to find one that will pay, you have to look for something that is not easy to find. If you see a machine on the main page of a casino with separate banners, and it’s put in front of you by all means, be careful.

Indeed, these are often signs that the machine is not paying. You have to look for machines that are not advertised often and that are on the second or third page of the casino. They may pay more.

The safety and reliability of the casino where the slot machine is located

To find out if your slot machine will win, you need to pay attention to the safety and security of the casino offering the slot machine. These two factors influence which machines are available. To do this, you need to focus mainly on players’ opinions and their gaming experiences, This way you will determine if the casino and the slot machines available are reliable or if it is a scam.