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How Does AI Work for Mobile App Development?

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AI is turning out to be one of the trendiest topics in the business and digital world. Top leading tech companies and industries show interest in AI app development Canada. The speed with which the craze and development of artificial intelligence are rising is admirable as AI is everywhere nowadays. But how does AI help in mobile app development Toronto?

Beginning from the live chat box to prediction analytics, AI approaches state-of-the-art ideas to provide better client services and re-evaluate business procedures with current modern technology. Artificial intelligence and machine learning are the new-age technologies that cause unexpected changes in the manner a business works.

The thought of AI portrays that a computer will carry out a task that generally needs a human to finish. Amazingly, AI is about speech recognition as well as interpretation, portraying that a program could work as a human in activities and thoughts. The implementation of artificial intelligence in mobile app development Toronto can be classified into weak and strong levels.

Though AI accounts for fewer errors in the complete procedure, carries out deadly tasks easily, and distinguishes real-time location smoothly; AI decreases the amount of creativity and innovative ideas of a process, that a human could think of. So, AI has its advantages and disadvantage. But we cannot deny the fact that it is the future of mobile app development Canada and the tech industry.

Types of AI

AI is a very provocative topic, on which we have seen a lot of intense discussions. But generally speaking, Artificial intelligence can be categorized into 4 types. They are –

1. Reactive machines:

This is the first type of AI that reacts to the present scenario by analysing all the feasible moves and then selects the finest one. A well-known sample of a reactive machine is the IBM chess program, Deep Blue which defeated chess champion, Garry Kasparov. This program analyses its own as well as opponent moves and selects the most tactical one. But, it can’t store previous experiences. One more example of such reactive AI is Google’s AlphaGO.

2. Theory of mind

In this type of AI, psychology term is considered that means understanding others’ desires, beliefs, and intentions that influence one’s decision. An example of this kind of AI doesn’t present as of yet. Such kind of artificial intelligence would understand you and afterwards make a decision.

3. Limited memory 

These systems of artificial intelligence do all the discussed things that reactive machine performs, but it additionally stores memory. Such Ai’s are utilized in self-driving cars which utilize past observation to form a prediction such as changing car lanes etc. But the memories are not permanently stored. They are stored for a limited time.

4. Self-awareness 

This is the kind of artificial intelligence which you perceive in movies which have self-awareness, self-consciousness, have a sensitive feeling toward others. Right now, we are very far from making such kind of AI.

Importance of Artificial Intelligence in Real Life

Artificial intelligence plays a very significant role in mankind. It is the expertise that can bring more output in less input. Primarily, AI will carry out tedious tasks, but it will also improve efficiency. Farmers can utilize robots to plant as well as cultivate seeds and afterwards use drones to look after their field. It will exponentially raise the output. In the same way, advancements are also in development in other fields like healthcare and education. But it will moreover create so many high-skilled jobs and get things much more inexpensive for the people.

Artificial intelligence will affect and transform every industry on Earth, such as manufacturing, health care, agriculture, and many more.

What are the examples of AI?

Machine learning

In this technology, machines act with no need for programming. They perform by the study of earlier experiences and then forecasting moves.

A realistic example of this kind of AI can be a robot which analyses the stock market by looking at earlier recorded trades and afterwards forecast new ones that get success in the upcoming days.


Mobile Application development is a lengthy process; programmers have to employ hundreds of hours coding a similar thing. Artificial intelligence will ease this burden by creating infrastructure for programmers to work on. A company launched the latest AI test bot which will test different mobile applications. In simple terms, it will assist developers to test smartphone applications more efficiently and make the most of quality assurance by doing less.

Machine vision

Artificial intelligence is utilized to provide a machine with the competence to capture as well as analyse visual information. Thus, an AI can witness and listen to things simply like a human. Afterwards, analyse and react as per the information. The humanoid Sophia is powered by artificial intelligence that can see as well as listen to things and facial recognition feature is included with the machine vision to better recognize the world.

Voice recognition

At present, we have a lot of mobile applications that use artificial intelligence to understand your voice. You can also unlock or give commands through this feature. Apple has become the pioneer in this field because it has combined Siri with Apple mobile gadgets for a long time. She can identify your voice and customize the phone for the best user experience.


Chatbots are AI-powered robots that can have an interaction with users just like humans. They learn through previous practices. The basic thought behind this product is that if individuals don’t desire to interact with somebody other than humans, they can employ these chatbots. Several popular AI-powered chatbots are Bold360 and LivePerson.

These were only a few popular applications of artificial intelligence that are being utilized in the present market.

How Can You Improve User Experience and Mobile application Development? 

AI assist to make a better decision

Artificial intelligence can analyse large bits of data which humans cannot. Imagine there is a big sum of data on the response of consumers to the application. You can create a program to get all those responses and feedback. But artificial intelligence can change the game by reading them in a humane way & grant developers a superior-conclusion. Later, this can be utilized to make an up-to-date decision.

User engagement

Most smartphone applications fail because of their lack of user engagement. Artificial intelligence is presently being utilized to analyse user behaviour to grant insight into the consumer. AI can tell smartphone applications what users are in search of and how they are utilizing their applications. Professional developers can employ this information to do changes for improved user engagement.

Personalization with artificial intelligence 

The smartphone is already marketized as custom-made for every user. But most applications are just the same for everybody. There is not much customization on an individual level. Recently, Flutter mobile applications have improved user experience with their personalized apps as per the user. AI primarily records user behaviour and afterwards changes their application or suggests changes as per the user practice for a better experience.

The smartphone can better connect with users 

As artificial intelligence can analyse large amounts of data, smartphone applications can connect to consumers on a deeper level. Apps can store the behaviour of users and give them more control over themselves. Amazon’s Alexa and Apple’s Siri are good examples that are doing the same. 

Context-driven UX

A smartphone can find your location; however, it doesn’t affect the user experience to a big level. But artificial intelligence-based algorithms can employ the user location along with various crucial aspects and then turn up user-centric recommendations and messages. For instance, in case you are on a road trip, your smartphone AI can suggest applications that can be beneficial to you or give a notification informing you that there is not any fuel station 100 odd km ahead.


So, by now, you must be aware of how amazingly AI affect the user experience and mobile app development Canada. You also got a bit of knowledge about how it works on mobile applications. However, the incorporation of artificial intelligence with mobile applications is yet in the early stage. In future, you can witness a lot of transformation that can happen here. Your complete user experience can be improved through AI and then utilized in various mobile applications. We all need to see where artificial intelligence can take user experience and mobile app development.

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