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How Does Provably Fair Code Work in CSGO Gambling?

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Over the years, different security systems have been developed to ensure fairness and transparency for users of online casinos, sportsbooks, and CSGO gambling sites.  


One of the most advanced and latest systems implemented in this industry is the Provably Fair code. Based on encrypted codes, this new technology allows gamblers to check whether there was cheating or not after each bet.

Read on for a full overview of the Probably Fair system.

What is Provably Fair? – Full Explanation

The term “Provably Fair” refers to a cryptography-based tool that is integrated into several gambling/betting sites. This tool allows the player to check every result made in a casino game, regardless of the game’s nature. 

Be it a game of slots, roulette, blackjack, dice, or whatever, players are free to double-check the results with full transparency. 

Many platforms that profit from high-hazard games or match betting have accepted the use of this amazing so far, which automatically conveys a message of respect for users. 

In addition to traditional online casinos, this system is also already applied to casinos that use CS:GO skins and cryptocurrencies as means of payment.

Can I Trust Online Gambling Platforms? 

This efficient system works based on the premise that every online casino game is built on a computer code that simulates nature’s “randomness” as much as possible to determine the outcome of all bets.

However, from a technical point of view, it is relatively easy for online casinos, sportsbooks, and CS:GO gambling sites to manipulate this “simulation” and cheat on these games. 

Although most online casinos are audited by independent companies to avoid this unfortunate scenario for gamblers, the fact is that you cannot trust anyone blindly.

To solve this unpleasant inconvenience, the Provably Fair system adds a “window” into the game’s code, so that players can check bet by bet and identify if the result was actually random, or if there were some kind of cheating.

Looking Behind the Hash – The Technical Side of Provably Fair

Explaining how Provably Fair works involves bit of complexity in the process, but it’s nothing compared to rocket science. 

In essence, all high-hazard game works with three variables to determine the randomness of the game: the serverseed, the clientseed, and the nonce. The serverseed can be explained as a kind of “base number” given by the gambling site.

The clientseed a kind of “identification” of the user’s browser, which can be adjusted in different circumstances. Last but not least, the nounce is the counter that records how many bets a user made on the site. 

Before you place a bet on a game, Provably Fair technology delivers you a hash (an algorithm) encrypted with the serverseed from that round. With the serverseed in the user’s hands, the gambling site cannot change it during the game. 

This hash also protects the platform, as users cannot go through its encrypted code and cheat on bets. 

When you place your bet, the casino game’s RNG (Random Number Generator) will “do the magic” and give you a random number based on these three factors mentioned earlier. 

Once the bet result is out, you will receive a new hash with a new serverseed, which will reveal the previous serverseed used in all previous stages of the wagering process.

Ultimately, users can take the serverseed and use the Provably Fair tool provided by the platform to check each bet and identify whether or not the results were 100% fair. 

Probably Fair is the safest possible technology to ensure full transparency in any online gambling platform, as there is no way to modify the encrypted serverseed once it is in the user’s hands.

What Can We Learn From Provably Fair Technology? 

Provably Fair is an online gaming system that guarantees random, fair, and virtually impossible-to-manipulate betting outcomes. This fact alone makes Provably Fair the best system for ensuring provably fair play, which guarantees that neither the gambling site nor the player will cheat in any way.

This technology has had a brutal impact on the online casino and high-hazard gaming industry, as users can now choose their favorite platform based on the existence of this highly secure and efficient technology.