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How Effective Car GPS Tracker Can Be For Your Vehicle?

Yesterday I talked to one of my school friends who has just bought a new car, so I congratulated him. While we were talking, he shared some concerns with me by saying that “I have purchased this vehicle after work hard day and night consistently for the past five years, but what will I do if something bad happens to my car or the vehicle get stolen.” I was listening to him and understanding his concern fully. I wonder, do people think that how vehicle GPS tracker can be beneficial for their car.

Whether you have one or more vehicles at home or an entire fleet of cars, GPS can track all. If you’re a family man, you must know about your family’s stress whenever you get late due to office work. In that case, family members mind gets crippled with negative thoughts. However, a car tracking device can help them come out from these tense situations through live tracking.

Assurity to a Mother

Shubhrastha, a housewife who sends her children to school by car with the driver due to her husband’s office timing, has to rely on her driver as we know these days people don’t trust quickly she decided to install a car tracking system. After using it for two months, she said,

“First I had to rely on the driver whatever he was saying I had to believe but after purchasing the GPS tracking device things are under my control. I can check my children’s location whenever I want and can catch my driver’s lie also. I keep my eyes always on the route he follows while dropping my children to school and home.”

How can GPS tracker be good for you?

We have read above a story of the mother; let’s see the advantages of GPS car tracking system:

  1. Alerts You From Theft:

The cars which are expensive and branded have a high chance of getting stolen. However, through a GPS tracking system, you can see your car’s location and the route where it’s going. Apart from tracking, the GPS tracker has a function named Anti-Theft alarm, which alerts you whenever someone tries to break into your car. Even after the alarm, sometimes the vehicle gets stolen in that case, through the live tracking, you can trace the thief.

  1. Data Storage:

Apart from the current data, you can get the data up to three months in an average GPS tracking device, which is sufficient for you to know your car’s location in the past few days and which routes it has gone through. If you have a driver who drives your car whenever you have to go out, you can monitor the routes he takes every day.

  1. Monitoring of Your Teen Child:

Parents are already tensed with their child’s future, but there is a fresh headache haunting them these days and over-speeding. Due to over-speeding many teens lose their lives every year, giving tension to the parents whose children ride bike and cars. Many parents hand over their vehicle to their son, which isn’t wrong. Many teens consider over-speeding as a cool act. Over-Speeding Alert is a feature through which you can set a speed limit of your choice; whenever your vehicle exceeds that mark, it updates you in the mobile application.

  1. Safe-Zone:

You can create a safe-zone through Geo-Fencing around an area according to your need. If you mark your house as a safe-zone, you will get a notification whenever your vehicle crosses that area. Similarly, if you mark the office area as a safe-zone, you will be notified whenever your vehicle enters or exits that area. It can be helpful in the case of theft also if the exits the marked area you will get an alarm in your mobile.

  1. Affordability:

After reading all of a car tracking system’s qualities, the question in your mind is, is it affordable or not? The answer is yes, it’s affordable, and any vehicle owner, whether it’s a car or bike, can purchase this device. The average GPS tracker price starts from INR 3K, which is very low compared to the price of any car on this earth, INR 5 Lakh – INR 10 Lakh.


Many people don’t purchase a vehicle tracker due to the myth of affordability, which has been busted in the above paragraph. Considering all the advantages discussed in the article, a GPS tracker for car is a must-buy gadget for every vehicle owner.

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