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How Has the Covid-19 Pandemic Impacted App Development?

The world was impacted by a pandemic in 2019. Due to health concerns, people had to stay at home and observe social distancing. The world was clearly not prepared for it and had to take immediate steps to adapt to the problem. That’s when digitalization was boosted; apps were developed to minimize the impact of Covid-19 on businesses and lifestyles.

Rise of Application Across Sectors

App development Texas has risen drastically since the emergence of this pandemic. Mobile applications were developed across multiple sectors/ industries. Here is a list of industries that benefitted the most through mobile applications:


Health was a major concern of the people – people were at risk of a deadly virus, but physically visiting a healthcare center wasn’t a smart decision either. During this time, online clinics were set up via application. Moreover, apps were developed to help people monitor the symptoms and enable people to take care of their health at home only.  


Going to banks was risky because Covid-19 was widespread. Consequently, people use mobile applications to pay their utility bills and carry out other transactions. Fintech offered a convenient and safe banking option to the masses. 


Schools and colleges were closed for a very long time. To avoid losing on your important years of education, people shifted towards online learning. Online classes, discussions, and exams became common.

Social Apps:

To stay in touch with their fellows, people use social apps such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and so on. Video calls and voice calls to stay in touch became more common.


Staying at home for such a long time was extremely difficult. Thus, there was a rise in reliance on entertainment applications such as Netflix.


Communication among colleagues working from home was made possible through apps that offered an accessible and convenient communication platform to people.

Trends of App Development Post Covid-19

With the rise in app development and app usage, new trends were introduced to make mobile applications more useful for the masses. Here is a list of top trends that were widely adopted by professional app development services after the pandemic:

1. Artificial Intelligence/ Machine Learning

This technology imitates the intelligence of humans to provide exceptional services and experiences to your app users. Through AI, your customers can get a highly personalized experience; they can get recommendations based on their prior search history. Moreover, users also get facial recognition, biometric verification, predictive text, and other services through AI.

2. Blockchain Technology

As the reliance on applications increases, access to users’ personal data also increases. Some of this data is extremely confidential. For example, the health reports of an individual are highly personal, and no unauthorized individual should get access to this information. In such cases, blockchain technology comes in handy. Blockchain protects user data from getting accessed by anyone who should not. Moreover, this technology makes it nearly impossible for hackers to tamper with the data.

3. Cloud Storage

With the rise in mobile app users, there is also a rise in the amount of data that has to be stored. Cloud storage is a practical and secure way of storing this data. This storage technique is also cost-efficient, and it enables convenient data sharing for people who should have access to the data.

4. Wearables

The industry for wearable devices is grabbing a lot of attention. So are the apps for wearable devices. The most common wearable device is a smartwatch, a technologically advanced version of a typical wristwatch. Apps on these devices offer great convenience and accessibility to users.

Facts and Figures

The impact of Covid-19 on app development can be best explained through statistics. Here are a few statistics to highlight the impact of Covid-19 on the software industry:

These statistics indicate the massive movement towards the utilization of mobile applications by the masses. You, as an entrepreneur, may grab this opportunity to generate high revenues.

Developing an Application

Mobile apps have become more common, but along with that, the competition has also increased drastically among the applications. New trends have emerged, and older trends have been widely adopted, making it extremely difficult for an ordinary application to survive this competition.

Numerous small businesses developed their apps during the pandemic. They have now gained popularity and the trust of the users. How is it possible for you to come up with an application that can ace the post-pandemic app race?

Here are a few tips for successful software development:

  1. Do proper research on your business model and the monetization prospects of your application.
  2. Develop a strong understanding of the competition in the market: learn from the failure and success of apps developed earlier.
  3. Hire professional app development services that have prior experience in developing high-quality applications.
  4. Ensure good communication between you and your app developers in Texas to ensure clarity and, thereby, a common vision and mission.
  5. Focus on the user interface and the security of the application: these are really important from the user’s point of view.
  6. Incorporate the latest trends and technologies to develop progressive software with high functionality and utility.
  7. Test the app thoroughly before launching it in the market; ensure that the app is performing just the way it was expected to.
  8. Advertise the application among the targeted audiences using the most appropriate marketing strategy.
  9. Optimize the app store to improve the visibility of your application in the app store.

A carefully planned and developed application is surely going to perform well in the post-pandemic application market. Nonetheless, to maximize your gains from the application, you are recommended to monitor the performance of the application over time. And whenever you feel the need, get your app updated.