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How is Bitcoin Better than Other Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies are the virtual form of money. This is used to make payments around all the countries of the world, independently from the World Bank and the government authorities. Bitcoin was the first crypto, launched in the year of 2009, and this is the first decentralized, block chained network prepared by cryptography. After its release on the online market, there are many other cryptocurrencies released called altcoins. Bitcoin is more popular than altcoins.

Bitcoin is one of the Cryptocurrency in the world even it is the first Cryptocurrency. There are many other cryptocurrencies available in the market to buy and sell. But most people around the world like to trade Bitcoins even they do not know why. They say that they like bitcoin because of the features X and Y. it means that they don’t know what the difference is between bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. 

Even they do not know the exact features of bitcoin compared to other cryptocurrencies. Example of altcoins is bitcoin cash, bitcoin gold, litecoin, EOS, stellar (XLM), ether and NEO. But in the present, bitcoin is the leader of the market. Altcoins can produce a challenge in the future of cryptocurrencies but at this time leader of the cryptocurrencies is bitcoin as per View here  are the main differences between the bitcoin and altcoins are discussed, and by reading this, you can easily understand that how bitcoin is better than other cryptocurrencies-

  1. Biggest market capitalization-

King of the cryptocurrencies bitcoin consists of the largest market cap around the world on the basis of financial services. The market cap of bitcoin is Approx 509.409 billion US dollars, compared to visa with 450 billion US dollars market cap. Bitcoin is very valuable at present in terms of price, it crossed 27000 US dollars, and now its price is approximately 27943 US dollars. This is the most expensive Cryptocurrency all around the world. Theoretically, digital currencies are the 11th largest economic company in the world compared to Apple, Huawei, Samsung, and Coca-Cola, etc.

After seeing the growth of bitcoin, other big companies like visa are also trying to make their cryptocurrencies. In November, the chairman of the visa company announced that they are working with more than 45000 cryptocurrencies all around the world. It means that they are trying to make some new cryptocurrencies, but it is not as easy as it seems. Bitcoin is a very secure and advanced network of the blockchain, and there are many reasons like it is prepared by using cryptographic techniques, which is approx impossible to hack.

  1. Best known crypto in the world-

Bitcoin is a very well-known company all around the world. Everyone is known about bitcoin. Some of them don’t know that bitcoin is a Cryptocurrency, but they trust bitcoin. The main reason for its popularity is the security and services of the bitcoin network. According to the survey in America, 9 percent of the people in America invest in Cryptocurrency, and among them, 6.3 percent of the population invest in bitcoin. It is a big sign to show the trust of people in bitcoin compared to the other cryptocurrencies. Now it is popular at this level that major companies of the world accept bitcoin in their website or application. Bitcoin is easy to use also, and investors of bitcoin are now supporting Bitcoins to make its growth to a more high level.

Main features of the bitcoin- in the transaction of bitcoin, there are not any third party present to see the transaction of the bitcoin. It gives a quick touch transaction. And the transaction is also verified by the users of the bitcoin.

  1. Speed and services-

The server and the system of the bitcoin give very high speed and services to their customers. Bitcoins are a very secure, decentralized network of computers to it gives high security to this system. The speed of the transaction of the bitcoin is lightning, and it transfers the bitcoin in a couple of seconds to their purchaser. There are not any other Cryptocurrency is available in the market to compete with the speed and security of the bitcoin server. So bitcoin is best compared to the other cryptocurrencies.