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How is the Amazon Marketplace Changing Online Shopping?

It was trendy even before the pandemic. It’s just that the pandemic accelerated this by a factor of 1000. So, what is this ‘thing’ that used to be trendy and is now extremely popular? It’s an online marketplace and there’s a ‘new contender in this arena’ now. It’s Amazon Marketplace that runs on Amazon Web Services.

What is Amazon Marketplace?

If you live in any place with the Internet, you’ve heard of Amazon. It’s that online retailer, you know, one of those dots. Coms tried to run Walmart and the other established bricks-and-mortar retailers out of business in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Well, they may have failed in destroying these bigwigs. That said, they succeeded in doing one thing.

Amazon introduced its Marketplace, which is changing the nature of the shopping. It has something called the AWS Marketplace. You can do what you did with Amazon – find brands in far-flung corners of the world at amazingly low prices. Only, you can do it with even more customers and at even lower price points.

But the core of Amazon Marketplace revolves around offering small business owners all of the cloud computing space and capacity that they could ever use at bargain prices. Okay, so now that brings us to a burning question, “How is Amazon Web Services changing online marketplace?”

How Amazon Marketplace is revolutionizing the online shopping?

We need to go back to those bad old days when the pandemic and all of its horrors were still brand new to the world. It was early spring of 2020. People were scared to go outside, much less contact with others.

That’s why terms like quarantining and social distancing became the new normal, unfortunately. Well, people still needed to eat and shop for brands. They found a solution, and that was in the form of online shopping. However, there was one problem. They still had to go to the physical stores to pick up the brands that they ordered online, or did they?

Amazon was the first to see that online shopping (E-commerce) was taking off in popularity. They also saw big money to be made in all of this for the players who knew how to sell using the right business models.


Companies that signed up for Amazon cloud services found offering many more brands for sale in their online stores. They also could adjust. Cloud is scalable. That meant they could use much more storage and computing space during peak retail seasons (Christmas and Easter) and scale back when demand was relatively low. 

People flocked to Amazon Marketplace because they could shop in the safe isolation of their own homes. They could also enjoy their goods without having to worry about accidentally getting COVID-19 from a delivery person.

Amazon Web Services Marketplace is the wave of the future

Web 3.0 will become mainstream in a few years, and it will revolutionize how people use the net forever. Similarly, the Amazon Web Services marketplace is changing how people can shop online. It gives customers access to more brands from more shops worldwide. These people don’t have to worry about catching something bad and contagious from the delivery staff. Now, what could be better than that?


Amazon decided to up the ante a bit. It tweaked its business model somewhat. Mainly, it widened the categories of brands that people could shop online for. Now, people can shop for groceries online. Amazon was no longer limited to non-perishable brands.

Also, Amazon came up with the perfect solution for the problems that social distancing was presenting. Do you know what it was? Well, if you haven’t already guessed, that solution was contactless delivery.