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How is WhatsApp Helping Small Businesses to Grow Faster?

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Has your small business started utilizing one of the most powerful marketing platforms yet? 

No, we aren’t talking about Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn! In this blog, we will be discussing a text-based marketing platform that has more users than Instagram and LinkedIn combined. 

It is WhatsApp! 

Now, every business uses email marketing to reach out to their potential customers or clients. But, the effectiveness of an email depends on its open rate. Because if it doesn’t get read, it is never going to create an impact! So, for a marketing message to create its effect, it’s important that it reaches its TA and gets read. Because if it doesn’t get read, it is never going to create an impact! 

So, how does WhatsApp help? While emails have an avg. open rate of about 30%, 

Texts have an avg. open rate of about 98%!!! Which means if done right, text-based marketing could prove to be much more effective than any other kind of marketing. 

This is why WhatsApp is pretty effective as a business communication channel. 

What’s a chatbot for WhatsApp Business?

In 2018, Facebook rolled out an application, “WhatsApp Business” to help brands easily communicate with their clients. But even though WhatsApp has made reaching out easier, Brands still struggle with responding to endless queries in a timely fashion. 

That is where chatbots come into the picture! 

A chatbot for WhatsApp allows businesses to automate the communication channel with customers or clients. You can deploy a chatbot to instantly boost both your sales as well as customer support departments. 

WhatsApp is a modern-day alternative to SMS as people around the world use it for their everyday interactions. Businesses can use it to sell a product, solve queries, send reminders & updates, confirmation messages, etc. 

Is your business ready for a WhatsApp Chatbot? 

No matter how young or old a business is, it can be benefitted from the WhatsApp chatbot.

 Here are the top 3 reasons to have a chatbot for your WhatsApp Business: 

  1. Have constant productive interactions with your customers. 
  2. Solve customers’ queries in a timely fashion. 
  3. Boost sales by generating more awareness about your product 

If you want to include these 3 elements in your everyday business exchanges, a WhatsApp chatbot is a must! 

Now let me try to explain to you the importance of the WhatsApp chatbot through an easy example. It’s said that happy customers attract more customers. They act as your fiercest supporters. And therefore, it is important to ensure that every time a customer reaches out to you, they feel heard & taken care of. 

If a business starts receiving more than 500 queries a day, it becomes extremely difficult for its customer support team to attend to every query with equal enthusiasm. And every query missed can lead to dissatisfied customers, going vocal about your brand’s inefficiency. 

A Chatbot for WhatsApp business will help you 

  • Answer endless queries 24*7 with equal enthusiasm. 
  • Take the pressure off from your customer support team. 
  • Can handle multiple queries at a time. 
  • Save your company money from having to hire too many customer support people. 
  • Is fast, efficient, and error-proof. 

How to create a WhatsApp Chatbot? 

Here is something pretty important to understand. You cannot build a chatbot on any random WhatsApp number. To launch a chatbot you require a WhatsApp Business API. 

Once you have it, it is not very difficult to create a WhatsApp Chatbot. In fact, with the help of bot builder tools such as Kompose, you can build an AI-Powered WhatsApp chatbot all by yourself. The cherry on the top, you don’t require any coding skills to create these chatbots. 

While designing a chatbot using a bot builder tool, remember to take care of the following things: 

  • Design a chat flow with multiple situations in mind
  • Avoid long messages; let them be conversational
  • Have an interesting fallback message 
  • Try to keep the conversation more informative & less sales(ye) 
  • Maintain logic throughout the chat flow 
  • Plant CTAs to direct customers to take a desirable action

Now that you know how useful chatbots can be for businesses of all shapes & sizes, it’s time you create your own. Chatbots not only answer queries perfectly. But at times, when they come across a complicated question that’s beyond their design, they seamlessly transfer it to their human counterparts. Thus, making the entire customer support process both efficient and successful.