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How Merging Concepts Have Changed Online Bingo

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There can be no doubt that the rise of digitalization has dramatically changed bingo’s popularity within the 21st century. Along with providing avid players with a convenient route to the numbers-based game, adopting a web-based approach has opened the door to new, forward-thinking concepts.

As such, bingo has been at the forefront of merging different games to bring something new to the industry. So, let’s delve into the sector’s combined developments and consider whether the trend has taken off in the wider gaming world.

The Birth of New Bingo Types 

Online bingo has, in many ways, always merged different concepts in creating an immersive experience. In recent years, increasing numbers of providers embraced different themes as a means of integrating pop culture elements into the much-loved market. However, Slingo bingo on Paddy Power takes this a step further and uses various subject matters as a foundation on which to merge different types of casino games. At the operator, Slingo is now all the rage, and the concept is a fusion of the most popular elements of online slots and digital bingo. Instead of a number-calling system, Paddy Power’s titles use reels to determine which numbers are marked off a players’ in-game bingo grid.

As touched on above, Slingo adopts a slot-inspired approach concerning the use of themes. At Paddy Power, several of their online Slingo games take inspiration from various pop culture elements. For example, the platform offers Deal or No Deal Slingo, which is based on the television game show, Deal or No Deal. In staying true to the program, the Slingo title integrates a banker and retains the infamous red and blue boxes. This showcases that crossover themes aren’t alone in creating new forms of bingo, as merging with slots ensures an all-action experience across much-loved online pastimes.

Combined Developments are Bringing Something New to the Wider Gaming World

While Slingo leads by example concerning the potential success of merged gaming concepts, the trend has since caught on throughout the broader gaming industry. In the mainstream, virtual reality strives to combine the realism of hands-on gaming without compromising on game quality. In 2006, the Nintendo Wii elevated console gaming’s interactivity through innovative controllers, but the in-game graphics were predominantly animated. Nowadays, VR titles like Star Trek: Bridge Crew combine the Wii’s innovation with console-like graphics to deliver a more well-rounded gaming experience.

Much like Slingo, mainstream video games also haven’t shied away from integrating crossover themes. However, instead of using pop culture elements as the foundations for console developments, titles like Injustice 2 explore character crossovers. As well as using traditional superheroes, like Batman and Superman, the NetherRealm Studios creation also features Raiden and Sub-Zero, who are both characters from the Mortal Kombat franchise. The result of this is that there’s far more depth and opportunity within the game, thus ensuring longevity and replayability.

Merging is Taking the Gaming Industry to New Heights 

Ultimately, thinking outside of the box creates an element of intrigue that resonates with gamers. The combination of bingo and slots highlights that innovative ideas are of utmost importance in seeking to pique gamer interests within modern-day society. Because of that, such concepts aren’t likely to disappear anytime soon.