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How Much Budget Designers Should Spend to Buy a Laptop 

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Graphic designing and illustration is all fun if you have the most compatible device and software for it. However, as the need for designers is increasing, the demand for the best laptop, tablets, and software is increasing. And according to the laws of economy, the prices for anything that is in demand would increase with time. 

Thus, if you are searching for a laptop for photoshop on a budget. Then you must consider the features you need for designing. Every company and laptop model comes with some upgrade, and with each advanced feature the price of the device increases. If a buyer would know what his needs are then it would be pretty convenient for him to pick a laptop on a budget. 

If not this, then he would get an idea about how much money he should spend for that device. Many times, beginners especially visit the markets without any sort of need for analysis. It would be a waste of time, and wealth. 

So especially for beginners, there are various tools available in the market such as Laptop Finder which you can use to find the best laptops for Photoshop and designing with ease in your budget. But before that, it’s important that you must first have a checklist about the features.

Features to check when buying a laptop for a designer 

The processors 

The most important thing in any laptop would be the processors. The robust a processor is the better it would be for designing. An older generation of processor will be incompatible with the advanced software. 

You need to check the speed and the number of cores on the processor. The more the number of cores. Currently the best processors for a laptop would be the intel i5 core, which are no less than 7th generation. 

Currently i7 and i9 are also available, but if you are only searching for a laptop that would be used for the regular work like a beginner would get, then the core i5 9th or above generations would be better. No doubt that core i5 7th/8th generation can also work for you. 

If you would search for a laptop with intel core i5 8th generation, then it might cost you around 600 to 1200 US dollars. 

When we say that you must consider the cores in a processor, then it means that then you will have to compromise on the clock speed, as both are inversely related. However, when you are doing work on photoshop, then you do not need more than six cores. Thus, here you can save a few bucks. 

Graphic processing unit 

The GPU is pretty important when you are into designing something digitally. Those working on a regular laptop or PC, with an average GPU will not get to design as precisely as someone using a gaming laptop. Gaming laptops particularly come with an advanced GPU, they usually have Radeon graphic cards for extra performance. 

If you are a professional photoshop and graphic designer, then it would be better to choose from the amazing gaming laptops as they would have the best graphic processing units. 

However, the price for an advanced gaming laptop would start from 1200 USD to 2000 USD. Thus, it can be a bit expensive. In some cases, you do not have to buy a gaming laptop with a separate GPU; thus you do not have to buy an expensive device. Many advanced laptops come with CPUs that already have the finest graphic processors integrated in them. So, it does not mean that you must always spend $2000 for it. You can search for some best 17 inch laptops under 1000, provided that the device has an amazing display, and screen size.


When you wish to use different software simultaneously like Adobe Photoshop and other applications when working on a big project without getting interrupted, then it is necessary to have a device with a higher RAM size. The ideal RAM for a professional designer will be 16GB RAM or more. If you are just starting then the minimum RAM would be 8GB RAM. 

The price range for the 8GB RAM is almost 600 to 900 dollars, however, when you are choosing RAM make sure that it is of a reliable company. Moreover, if you are choosing a higher RAM laptop then the price range will vary accordingly. 

Hard disk drive/ solid state drive 

Storage is as important as RAM. One must ensure that the RAM and storage are synergizing each other. The ideal storage for your laptop when you aim to use it for photoshop or designing is almost 256GB. It is neither too less nor unnecessary. It is just fine. Those working at a professional level must go for the 512GB. 

If we compare the HDD and SSD, it would be better to go for the solid state drive, as it is faster and more efficient than the hard disk drive. If you are using more applications at a time then you must go for the SSD storage. The storage is not an issue, you can always add an external storage, but to make things easier for you, you should choose more than 256GB or more. 

Students might not get enough money to spend on a higher storage capacity laptop. Thus, it would be better if they go higher. A 256Gb storage laptop will be available at around 700 to 1000 dollars, which is pretty affordable. 

Color accuracy and display 

Display plays a crucial role when all your work depends on how well the machine is letting you see those visuals. You must check the screen size, it should be according to your need. Any laptop which comes with a greater than 13 inches, smaller screens might be available in an affordable range but you cannot perform special tasks on smaller screens. 

One thing which someone working on the field should consider is the brightness level. The brightness of these laptops must be more than 400 nits. Then the resolution should be an ideal one; otherwise, all the set up will be a waste of money. 


The ideal budget for the laptop for designing and photoshop is 800 to 1400 dollars. In this range you can easily find the best laptop.