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How Much Data Do You Need from Your Monthly Internet Pack?

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When you’re using the internet every day, it is crucial to understand how internet packs work and which one will work the best for you. The service providers offer different data plans, from unlimited internet plans to packages with additional benefits. So, how do you understand which plan is right for you?

Why Should You Care About Your Monthly Plan?

With the evolution of technology, the internet has become more accessible. The world has moved on from chunky monitors to sleek mobiles, which put the world at their fingertips. Now, when you have the option to select unlimited internet plans, why would you opt for anything less? 

However, unlimited plans aren’t always an option, and sometimes you may end up paying for unused data

Hence, it is crucial to peruse different internet plans and select one based on your usage. If you use the internet all day and night, which is the norm nowadays, it is best to opt for unlimited plans as they do not restrict your daily usage.

Understanding Data Usage

Recent studies suggest that an average user uses up to 3GB of data per day. For a light user, 40 minutes of internet, a couple of hours of Spotify music, and just 0 minutes on a social media app could add up to 3GB or more. Hence, it is crucial to understand your data usage.

Streaming high-quality videos, using social media apps for most hours of the day, and streaming music could eat up your data plan fairly quickly. If you like to listen to podcasts or watch lengthy videos throughout the day, it is best to stick to plans that offer more than 3GB per day.

What’s the Ideal Data Pack?

Understanding the minimum amount of data used by different apps on your phone can help you determine your monthly data allowance. 

  • Browsing the web, watching a movie, or scrolling through your social media would take up 20 to 150 MB per hour or more if you watch HD or UHD videos. 
  • Instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger use about 50 to 150 MB per hour of your data; reaching the higher end would mean sending dozens of messages every hour.
  • Checking your email uses up to 10-100 MB of data, but that largely depends on the attachments in the email and the time you spent on them. Usually, you will not need to check your email too frequently, so you can stick closer to the lower end of this estimate.
  • Most music streaming platforms use up to 45 MB of data per hour.
  • Video streaming platforms use up to 250MB per hour.
  • Mobile phone gaming easily reaches up to 300MB of data per hour. Higher-quality graphics may take up more data.
  • Video calls on the phone can take up to 300 MB of data per hour.

Usually, for mobile phones, up to 50 Gb of data per month would be a generous estimate for those who rely considerably on their mobile data. Sometimes, people may opt for 100 GB data packs, which are practically like unlimited internet plans for those who alternate between their home Wi-Fi network and mobile data plan.

When focusing on various devices, the ideal data allowance varies because different devices use up data differently. To err on the side of caution, it is always best to rely on unlimited internet plans. 

Usually, such plans are quite popular. Users feel they get more for their money’s worth out of these plans, especially if they do not want to figure out their data usage. Compare the top plans and select one that fits your requirements and budget.