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How Much Do Veneers Cost in Turkey?

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What makes veneer placement in Turkey so special? Is it the cost, the professionalism, or something else? For a certainty, veneers cost in Turkey will interest you. Nevertheless, before diving into the cost of veneer placement in Turkey, here are some reasons many prefer to get their teeth fixed in Turkey.

Why Get Your Veneers in Turkey?

Many international patients are seeking treatment in Turkey’s private health care system, and the dental industry and its clinics are vital to this booming sector. Here are a few compelling reasons people prefer getting their veneers placed in Turkey. 

  • Good Number of Experts

Turkey has a large number of qualified and experienced dentists. Because of their extensive training, they are an excellent choice for placing your dental veneers. Furthermore, because of the large number of patients who visit their dental clinics on an annual basis, the dentists are experienced in dealing with all types of patients’ dental structures. Dentakay, a center of satisfying dental services, is home to some of Turkey’s most experienced dentists.

  • Usage of Good Facilities. 

The dental veneers cost is reasonable and convenient, and the quality of the materials and services is never jeopardized in the process. Turkey offers dental materials of the highest quality, including implants, veneers, and bridges, as well as a variety of other services. In this beautiful country, the Turkish Ministry of Health has certified and approved a large number of dental clinics. Additionally, their equipment is up to date, including a 3D/CT scanner, digital X-rays, and CAD/CAM software and systems.

  • Seamless Appointment Booking

You can schedule an appointment quickly and without having to wait for a long period. This is particularly impressive for individuals who want to get things done as soon as possible, perhaps before an upcoming event. 

  •  Budget-Friendly 

When compared to other European countries, you could get better quality treatments for the same or less money. For example, cosmetic dentistry in Turkey is more cost-effective than in the USA and UK. It even includes travel and accommodation. So you can expect to save 50% – 75% on your veneers in this amazing location.

  • Different Package Options

Numerous dental clinics throughout Turkey are currently offering package deals in response to the recent surge in demand for dental services. These will vary depending on the practice and may include the following:

  • Transfers to and from the airport, 
  • Hotel accommodations,
  • Sixteen to twenty veneer shells, and
  • An interpreter (sometimes)

When you choose one of these packages, you can save up to 15% on the individual items’ price.

Full Veneers cost in Turkey 

Dental Veneers are available in a wide range of styles and colors in Turkey, allowing patients to find exactly what they are looking for. While Emax laminate veneers are a popular and advanced type of implant, zirconium and Vita Suprinity implants are less expensive and more widely available. Here is a list of the various types of dental veneers available, along with their respective prices.

Note: Dental Veneers costs range from $60 and $350-$500 per unit in Turkey, depending on the type of veneer, the clinic’s reputation, and the doctor’s experience.

  • The cost of composite veneers begins at $60 per unit. The average cost, however, is between $200 and $250.
  • Porcelain and laminate veneers start at $80 per unit and the average cost is between $250-$270 
  • E-Max Veneers are priced between $200 and $340 per unit.
  •  A set of 12 veneers costs around $4,500, a set of 16 units costs around $4,800, a set of 20 units costs around $5,800, and a full set of 28 veneers costs around $8,000. 

In Turkey, the veneer cost package typically includes a specified number of veneers, consultation with a doctor based on a panoramic X-ray, a transfer from the airport, and a stay in a hotel.

The Process of Getting Veneers in Turkey

The entire procedure takes between 5 and 7 days to complete. The patient may schedule their initial appointment with the dental clinic immediately upon arrival in Turkey.

During the initial appointment or consultation, the dentist will examine the patient’s teeth and discuss the treatment plan. Following approval of the treatment by both the dentist and the patient, to avoid Turkey teeth like situation in the future, the following steps will be taken.

  • The dentist will reshape the tooth surface by removing the enamel layer with a grinding tool.
  • The dentist will then create a mold of the reshaped teeth by taking impressions.
  • The impressions will be analyzed in the laboratory. Additionally, the dentist will place temporary veneers over the exposed tooth to conceal it. This minimizes tooth sensitivity and helps the patient prepare for the final set of veneers.
  • At least two days will be required for the technicians to prepare the permanent set of veneers. Patients have these days free to explore the city.
  • The patient will return to the clinic two days later to have the permanent veneer installed.
  • After removing the temporary veneers, the teeth will be smoothened to create an uneven surface
  • Before the veneers are cemented onto the teeth, their appearance and fit will be evaluated.
  • The dentist will thoroughly clean the mouth, teeth, and veneers to prevent bacterial infection.

The patient is free to leave the clinic following the procedure. However, if the procedure was performed under sedation, it is best to wait until the sedation wears off.

The success rate of veneer placement 

To achieve the perfect smile through dental veneers, you should always conduct thorough research on the various veneer treatments and dental clinics that are available to you. There are some aspects of the dental veneers procedure that cannot be reversed, which makes it even more critical to choose the most qualified dental practice that can provide you with the best care. Ask for reviews and testimonials of previous successful procedures.

In Turkey, the overall success rate is about 97 percent. Before undergoing treatment, the patient should select a certified dentist as well as a facility that has been accredited.

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