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How Much Does It Cost to Build a House?: Prices Per SQM and Fundamental Advice

How Much Does It Cost to Build a House of 150 Square Meters?

How much does it cost to build a houseHome construction cost what is it?

These are questions that arise when thinking about building a house in paradise city.

A complex project, but not impossible and that can give you a lot of satisfaction!

Those who want to invest in real estate or finally have the house of their dreams not only have the opportunity to buy a finished house, perhaps even second-hand.

You too can build your home and with a good plan in hand you can really have the house of your dreams, designed and built for your needs, whether you want to rent it or want to live in it.

But how much does all this cost? And then, how to build a house? What are the factors to consider? What are the advantages and disadvantages? How should you move? What can be done to save?

Experts of can assist you the best in this regard.

These are questions that will seem very difficult to answer, especially if you are not a professional builder and it is perhaps the first time that you approach this very complicated world.

Do not worry though, because with a good guide, the one prepared for you by our experts, you will be able to know in advance the answers to the questions you have already asked yourself, choosing independently and only after being informed if this or hand is the best choice for you.

To make a house, you need land

Let’s start with the most obvious of questions: to build a house you need to own a building plot.

Fortunately, houses cannot be built where it is best believed and it will be necessary to have land that, according to municipal regulatory plans, is buildable.

The prices of building land are typically much higher than those of non-building land, and although in principle the latter can be transformed into the former, the procedures are so murky that, as you will understand for yourself, later on., choosing a land that cannot be built is not the right foot with which to start building a house.

The savings can be achieved with some care in the construction and design phase, not on the choice of non-building land.

How to make a non-building land finally buildable? In Italy it is a nightmare and often a bad deal

In reality, it is a situation that is shared by practically all countries in the world where the construction of a land is established by a political authority.

The situation is, without false modesty, this: there is enormous interest in making some building land, since this means more work for building owners and builders and building land that was not previously can increase its value by up to 10 times.

Trust a professional and don’t go it alone

Given the extent of the interests at stake, you will understand that it is not a matter for mere mortals and that simply by submitting a request for a change in the city plan you will hardly find a spider out of the hole.

You have a better chance by putting yourself in the hands of surveyors, architects or builders with the right friends, who can exert an important influence on who has the final decision on the plans.

It is a route that we do not recommend not only because it is cloudy, but also because of the inherent uncertainty: nothing guarantees you that your land will be truly buildable and even when this happens, it could take years.

If you really want to build your own house, it’s better to cut the bull’s-head and buy land that can already be built.

How much does building land cost?

It depends.

Depending on the area in which it insists, depending on the market, depending on the economic conditions of the place at a specific time.

An estimate cut with a hatchet is between 100 and 180 euros per square meter, which can further vary depending on the area.

This is not the only cost that we will have to take into account for the land, because to make a simple house it will be necessary to proceed with the excavations. But the developers of park view city Islamabad are offering investors and homemakers a great opportunity to build their own home in an ideal location.

How much does it cost to excavate building land?

The costs that we will consider from here on will be calibrated on a single-family house that extends over a horizontal area of ​​120-150 square meters.

In this case, even before excavation begins you need a service for underground service locators to ensure there are no underground pipes, cables or infrastructure underground. These are commonly sewer lines and electrical cables so their location must be known before excavation begins, but the service is commonly free if you have the time to wait for a government funded service.  Then the cost of the first excavation (and often not even the last) is about 20,000 euros, with minimal variations between the north and south of our country.

In the event that the land is not deemed safe enough for construction, additional excavations will have to be integrated, which cost € 15,000-20,000.

We are therefore still in the excavation phase and we have already spent about 60,000 euros: 20,000 for the land, 20,000 for the first excavation and another 15-20,000 euros for the safety of the land itself.

The design costs

We have come to the point where we highlight the construction cost per square meter.

Let’s start from the beginning!

Designing a house is not for everyone.

It is necessary to rely on a designer, who can be supplied by the manufacturer or independent.

In the second case, the cost will not be incorporated into the construction costs and we will have to count at least a technical cost of 7-10% of the total cost of the works.

From the total cost, special costs will have to be removed, we think about the construction of boxes, as well as finishing work.

The costs of the technician will include:

  • the presentation of any DIA file
  • the presentation of documents for re-registration
  • the drafting of the construction site executives
  • the direction of the works, which is of fundamental importance if we are not practical
  • the drafting of the tender specifications necessary for the builders
  • assistance in choosing the materials used in the construction

Turnkey or separate quote

At this point we have two choices: we can ask a builder for a complete quote, which includes technical costs, materials, installation, construction, or contact the companies one by one and manage the work ourselves.

In the event that you do not want to worry about anything, other than to communicate your wishes to the technicians, it will be advisable for you to choose a company that can offer you a turnkey price.

If, on the other hand, you want to save money, by directing the work at least in a broad sense, you can obtain different estimates from different companies that will collaborate in the construction. In this case, the savings can be significant and can reach up to 30% of the total construction cost.

The other costs connected to the house

Construction cost per square meter: let’s take an example to be more precise!

Practical Example

In fact, understanding what the price per square meter of a building could be is very difficult as many variables come into play.

Precisely for this reason, we prefer to give an example.

Always taking our 150 sq. m house as an example, let’s analyze the construction cost per sq. m considering all the related costs:

  • about 90,000-100.00 euros for concrete, bricks, everything related to bricks
  • about 25,000-35,000 euros for roof finishes and insulation
  • 10,000 euros in case we want to proceed (recommended) with an external coat that is insulating
  • 10,000-15,000 euros for electrical systems
  • 20,000-30,000 euros for underfloor heating, boiler and hot water systems
  • between 2,000 and 3,000 euros to connect the utilities
  • the finishes: they are a very variable cost, but it is difficult to build a quality house below 50,000 euros for the finishes

There are also additional finishes to be counted, such as the painting of the walls, for which we travel on prices that in total could approach 10,000 euros.

How much does the finished house cost me?

Broadly speaking, a house of 150 square meters would cost:

  • Approximately € 20,000 for the land
  • 20,000-40,000 euros for the excavations
  • 30,000 euros on average for the roof
  • 100,000 euros for concrete and bricks and laying of the masonry
  • at least 50,000 euros for the finishes
  • 50,000 euros for the finishing of electrical, water and gas systems
  • 10% for the design
  • further ancillary costs, which we estimate at least in 20,000 euros

We therefore have a range that goes in the best of cases from 350,000 euros to 500,000 euros, depending on the type of house we are going to build.

However, we are talking about a house with excellent energy efficiency, which will allow very important savings in terms of energy for heating, a comfortable and healthy environment in which to live alone or with our family.

The possibility of the wooden house: how much does it cost?

Important offers have also arrived on the Italian market regarding the possibility of having your next wooden house: prefabricated houses and on a standard project, even if often modifiable, which allow you to have a house:

  • cheaper
  • light and anti-seismic
  • more ecological
  • efficient under various energy profiles

The wooden house is a possibility that can allow you to spend significantly less (even half), while offering you excellent housing opportunities.

The construction of a wooden house is an excellent alternative to classic masonry constructions, those which, let’s face it, have almost had their day and which have become decidedly expensive, especially for those looking for a quality home, to be designed or not, which however reduces the thousands of costs present in a “standard” construction.

Should you build your own home?

Building a house by yourself is not cheap, and in the event that you do not have a building land to put “to good use” the costs involved can be much higher than those of a house already built and finished.

However, those who decide to build a house on their own instead of buying a finished one are not deranged. There are undeniable advantages to a house built from scratch, among which it is necessary to mention:

  • independence: a house that is not in a condominium is much more enjoyable than an apartment in a particularly crowded building
  • it is an asset in our image and likeness: you will design the house, albeit with the help of the technician, and it will reflect your precise wishes and your idea of ​​home
  • it is a valuable asset: the finished asset could be worth much more than the realization cost and over time it will only re-evaluate
  • it is an asset that guarantees you quality standards that you yourself have indicated: you will not have to trust anyone, but only your choices of materials and construction techniques

The disadvantages of building your own home

Disadvantages are also inevitably connected to this opportunity:

  • it costs more: not for the same quality, but in the sense that you could choose a much cheaper accommodation
  • it is not immediate: the construction can only take some time to complete. This means that you will have to wait more, much more, than you should expect when buying a ready-made house.

The choice between a ready house and one to be built is not trivial, although we hope that in this guide you have everything you need to make a choice in freedom and autonomy.

Should other doubts make your choice difficult, do not hesitate to contact us: we will help you make the right choice for your family and for your investment. Also check out spray foam insulation Baltimore to learn more about spray foam insulation in homes and business.